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A Vintage Sound For Tax Day: The Clack Of An Adding Machine

As part of All Things Considered's series on now-obsolete sounds, listeners recall fond memories of the old mechanical adding machine.

Background Checks Bill Gains Backers On And Off Capitol Hill

The Senate is set to take up legislation that would expand gun buyer background checks on the heels of an endorsement from an important gun rights group, and steady pressure from Sandy Hook families.

Exoneree Detectives Fight For Those Still Behind Bars

Dallas is home to more than 40 people who've been released from prison for wrongful convictions. Some of those men have formed not just a support group, but a detective agency devoted to getting other innocent people out of prison.

Witnesses To Marathon Explosions Describe Panic And Horror

Witnesses say the two explosions were followed by panicked and bloodied spectators as emergency services personnel rushed to the scene.

A Tax Day Story For Hard-Cider Lovers

When is hard apple cider not considered hard apple cider? When it's taxed like wine or champagne. America is in the midst of a cider revival, but antiquated tax laws make it a risky business for entrepreneurs, critics say. Not to worry: Sen. Schumer is on the case.