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163,000 Jobs Added In July; Unemployment Rate Rose To 8.3 Percent

While job growth was the best it's been in five months, there weren't enough new positions added to payrolls to bring down unemployment. The jobless rate has been just above 8 percent each month this year.

'Tanning Mom' Has Given Up The Sun; She's Now Practically Pale

Patricia Krentcil became a national story when her obsession with tanning led to charges that she had also taken her 6-year-old daughter into a tanning booth (Krentcil says she didn't do that). But now, her skin is practically fair.

The Pick Of The Litter In Taos, N.M.

Bruce Boyd spends some of his free time cleaning up beer bottles, cans and an endless variety of trash alongside Highway 522 north of Taos.

It's 'Kiss In' Day At Chick-fil-A For Gay Rights Activists

On Wednesday, supporters of the fast-food chain and company President Dan Cathy's stand against same-sex marriage flocked to Chick-fil-A outlets. Today, supporters of same-sex marriage plan their own protest. They'll be kissing and posting photos.

Nursing Schools Brace For Faculty Shortage

Over the next few years, the Affordable Care Act will probably boost demand for nurses to take care of the newly insured. But with many nursing faculty retiring, and not enough in the pipeline, nursing schools will have a challenge training the next generation of nurses.

NASA Rover To Explore The Red Planet

A NASA rover called "Curiosity" is approaching Mars. After a more than eight-month journey, it's set to land on Mars late Sunday night. Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne report.

July Jobs Report: A Political Analysis

The Labor Department announces the number of jobs added in July and the national unemployment rate Friday. NPR's Scott Horsley joins Renee Montagne to talk about the report and the consequences for the presidential race.

U.S. Holds Most Medals So Far In London Olympics

We'll see where the count stands after another day of competition at the London Olympics but after Thursday, the United States is at the top with the most medals. Renee Montagne has results of Thursday night's Olympics competition.

U.S. Sees Signs Of Al-Qaida Arm In Syria

The growing sectarian nature of the battle in Syria has turned out to be tailor made for followers of al-Qaida in Iraq. A top U.S. counterterrorism official says the group's possible move into Syria is no surprise as it gravitates toward chaos.