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Arlen Specter, Senator Who Gave No Quarter, Dies

The five-term senator, a moderate Republican-turned-Democrat, was a key member of the Judiciary Committee and consistently a thorn for leaders of both political parties and their presidents. Specter died of complications from non-Hodgkins lymphoma at his home in Philadelphia on Sunday. He was 82.

Sen. Arlen Specter Dies At 82

Arlen Specter, the outspoken senator who started out Republican, switched to Democrat and stayed moderate throughout, has died, the AP reports. He was 82.

Strict Private School Prepped Romney To 'Aim High'

At Cranbrook School for Boys, Mitt Romney and his classmates "lived by the bell" and wore coats and ties to dinner. Romney made his mark at the prestigious private school, but a former classmate says, "you never saw Mitt and said, 'That's the governor's son.' He was one of the guys, quite honestly."

A Shifting Playing Field: Coming Out As A Gay Athlete

Civil rights was once a common cause for pro athletes, but players have been relatively quiet about gay rights. Former athletes have expressed the fear and isolation of their "dirty little secret." Recently, though, there have been a few standout moments for gay rights in the sports world.

Detroit Snob? Of Course I Am.

When people talk about Detroit, it's often about economic instability, crime or unemployment. But there are many positive changes taking place in the city. Business owner Desiree Cooper says there's plenty to be snobby about.

Space Shuttle Endeavour's Final Journey Adds A Day

The crowds that cheered the shuttle on Saturday changed their tune after a night of hassles that left the Endeavour still blocking L.A. traffic and threatening trees early Sunday morning.

Family Fights For Honor Of 'Rogue' Vietnam General

John Lavelle was accused of authorizing illegal bombing raids in North Vietnam in 1972 and forced to retire with only two stars instead of four. Several years later, White House tapes revealed that President Nixon had backed the raids. Now Lavelle's family wants to know why his rank hasn't been restored.

The Antidote To Your Burning Health Care Questions

Why is insurance employer-based? What kind of health care options would young women face under a President Romney? NPR's health policy correspondent breaks down the issues you want to know about leading up to the election.