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Dramatic Storms Strike Dallas-Fort Worth Area

A line of strong storms moved through the Dallas-Fort Worth area Tuesday with a number of tornadoes touching down. Homes and businesses were damaged across the region but there were no fatalities. As a massive storm approached Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, staff told travelers to seek shelter close to the center of the terminal buildings.

Baylor Women Beat Notre Dame 80-61 For NCAA Title

The Baylor University women's basketball team capped an undefeated and unprecedented 40-win season Tuesday night with a resounding 80-61 win over Notre Dame in the NCAA championship game. The Bears were led by their 6-foot-8 national player of the year Brittney Griner, who had 26 points

Alaska Program Resolves Divorces Quickly, Amicably

Every two weeks, a single court handles several divorce cases in one afternoon, offering each side pro bono legal advice. In its first year, the program achieved a settlement rate of 80 percent. Now other states are considering adopting the model.

After Dismal Primary Day, Santorum Retreats To Pa.

With little prospect of victory in any of the three primaries held Tuesday, former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum went home to Pennsylvania. He vowed to make a last stand in his fight for the Republican presidential nomination.

Romney Sweeps Maryland, D.C., Wisconsin Primaries

Mitt Romney has picked up another three victories in the Republican presidential race. Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, D.C. all went solidly for him. That puts Romney almost out of his competitors' reach in this long-running contest.

Private Colleges Branch Out To Other States

Public universities have been creating branch campuses for years — typically within 50 miles of the main campus. Private schools are building satellite campuses too, but in states far from home. It's a chance to expand their brand, bring new opportunities to students and grab a share of the lucrative market for graduate education.

Gay Marriage Lawsuit Presses For Survivor Benefits

The Defense Of Marriage Act prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages — and that means Social Security benefits don't pass on to surviving partners. A lawsuit seeks the same benefits given to heterosexual married couples.

Activist Puts Albany Neighborhood On The Bus Map

Residents of the South End neighborhood of Albany, N.Y., had made repeated requests for a bus route for their underserved neighborhood. Resident Willie White brought his neighbors together to demand a bus route — and a seat at the table in city politics.