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Phone Tracking Big Business For Cell Companies

Earlier this week the American Civil Liberties Union revealed information it obtained from a FOIA request to local police departments across the country about how police track and tap cell phones, often without warrants. Also contained in the release is information that cell carriers make money by charging law enforcement for that information. Robert Siegel speaks with Andy Greenberg of Forbes who has looked into fees.

State Government Takes Financial Reins In Detroit

Detroit has reached an agreement with the state of Michigan that the Motor City hopes will help it avoid going bankrupt.

Family Ties To Marriott Heirs Pay Off For Romney

Hotel tycoons J.W. and Richard Marriott have each donated $750,000 to the superPAC supporting Mitt Romney. The Romney and Marriott families share their Mormon faith — and a friendship that dates back a generation.

How Lawyer Got Nation Talking About Trayvon Martin

The Trayvon Martin case became a national story only after the family's attorney, Benjamin Crump, launched a campaign to draw the attention of the media and civil rights activists. It's proved a tried-and-true strategy for the prominent Florida attorney.

Muslim Brotherhood Delegation Visits D.C.

Members of Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party — the political arm of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood — are in Washington this week on the group's first official U.S. visit. Robert Siegel speaks with Egyptian parliamentarian Abdul Mawgoud Rageh Dardery, a member of the delegation, about the visit and the Muslim Brotherhood's growing power in Egypt.