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California's Baking And The Power Grid's Being Tested

Temperatures are expected to stay high through the weekend. Officials are asking customers to try to conserve electricity because demand for air conditioning is going to be huge.

Year Of The Woman At The London Games? For Americans, It's True

Every nation that sent a delegation to the London Games sent at least one female athlete — a first for the Olympics. This year's Team USA has more female than male athletes — and the women have won nearly twice as many medals as the men: 100 total medals, by my count, to 59 for the men.

Running For Others In Richmond, Ky.

A group of Eastern Kentucky University alumnae organized a running team to try to raise $10,000 to seed a women's leadership scholarship that might encourage female leaders.

Air Force Chief Leaves Legacy In The Sky: Drones

The U.S. Air Force's top officer, Gen. Norton Schwartz, is retiring after four years on the job. Schwartz was a champion of remotely piloted aircraft, or drones. But he says the Air Force will continue to need pilots for decades and more manned aircraft to ensure it can prevail with a minimum use of force.

An Undecided Florida Voter Faces Emotional Decision

Four years ago, Wanda Kos voted for Barack Obama. Now, she says, she's on the fence. And her decision has taken on an added layer since 2008: Her son just joined the Army, so she'll be casting a ballot for his commander in chief.

Motorcycle Fans Ride To Sturgis, S.D., For Rally

The famed Sturgis motorcycle rally is wrapping up its 72nd year in South Dakota this weekend. As the rally ages so do many of the riders. We look at what's new on three wheels.

Semi-Automatic Rifle Arrives In TV Box

Seth Horvitz of Washington D. C. says all he wanted was a television. Instead he received a military-grade semi-automatic rifle. Horvitz complained to, UPS and the seller. Nobody took responsibility. But police were happy to take the gun, which is illegal in the nation's capital.