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Sandy Shows More Cities Need To Boost Preparedness

In the wake of superstorm Sandy, the lessons learned from flooding in New York City suggests a broader look at the readiness of U.S. coastal cities ahead of the next big storm. Lynn Neary talks about infrastructure and storm preparedness with Adam Freed, former deputy director of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability.

Ohio The Swing State To Watch In Presidential Race

Lynn Neary talks with Tamara Keith, who was covering Election Day in Ohio.

Obama, Romney Make Final Campaign Calls

Voters across the country cast ballots on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the presidential candidates spent their days very differently. Lynn Neary checks in with Ari Shapiro who spent the day with Mitt Romney and Scott Horsley who was with President Obama.

Exit Poll Results Roll In As Americans Vote

Lynn Neary speaks with pollster Andrew Kohut of Pew Research about preliminary results from exit polling in the presidential race.

New York City's Elderly Worry As Temperatures Dip

The elderly residents of Wave Crest Gardens in Queens know things could be worse. Their building didn't get washed away, or lose a roof, during Sandy. But they've been without heat and power for a week, and some residents are increasingly worried.

Jersey Shore Storm Survivors Face Uncertain Future

Some 100 evacuees from towns like Seaside Heights are now staying at a Red Cross shelter on the New Jersey mainland. They don't know where they will live, or what they will do, or what tomorrow will bring.

Long Ballot Ties Up Florida Voters At The Polls

Lynn Neary talks with Greg Allen, who was covering Election Day in Florida.

Northeast Braces For Another Storm With Wind, Rain

New York and New Jersey were still struggling with the effects of Hurricane Sandy as word came of a new storm about to hit the region. Officials began warning of possible new power outages and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he'll ask residents of some some low-lying areas to evacuate. For many people, the challenges of life after last week's storm are becoming a sort of routine: long lines for transit, long lines for gas, long commutes. But for those hardest hit, the paperwork storm shows no signs of abating.