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Defending Kentucky's Coach Calipari: Not A Tough Assignment

John Calipari's detractors argue that he's less of a head coach and more of a head recruiter. But his success rests on the fact that he can honestly tell his potential players that he will prepare them for success in college — and then success in the NBA.

It's All Politics, March 29, 2012

The GOP starts to coalesce behind Romney, but don't tell Santorum just yet. And Gingrich has a new way to get to the nomination. Meanwhile, new calculations on President Obama this week, based on the Court taking up health care and the reaction to the Trayvon Martin killing.

Lone Star State Of Mind: Could Texas Go It Alone?

They say it's like a whole other country, but in 1836 it really was one. Now, 167 years after Texas achieved statehood, NPR is re-liberating the Longhorn State. From big-hair foreign policy to laissez-faire economics, this is what a modern Republic of Texas might look like.

RNC's 'Doctored' And Panned SCOTUS Ad Gets Noticed Which Was Goal

By the standards of marketing, especially political ads, the RNC's ad is a great success since it has generated so much free media, including blog posts like this.

Take Your Dog To The Office And Stress Less

Do you think you'd be less stressed out if you took your dog to work with you? Science agrees. Employees with dogs were less stressed out than their coworkers, new research finds. But it works only if the dog is polite.

Some Go Far For Their Mega Millions Tickets

For residents of eight states not part of the Mega Millions lottery, getting a ticket takes a bit more effort. But it hasn't stopped many, who are driving miles or enlisting an out-of-state accomplice.

Parties Ready To Take Budget To Campaign Trail?

Guest host Jacki Lyden continues the conversation about the passage of Congressman Paul Ryan's budget plan in the House of Representatives. Lyden speaks with NPR Washington Editor S.V. Date about what the vote means and whether the plan's passage may signal long budget battles ahead.

FBI's Outgoing Cyber Cop Says Americans Don't See Size Of Threat

As he retires and heads into the private sector, Shawn Henry looks back at the growth in the cybercrime problem.

Friday Political Grab Bag: Rep. Paul Ryan Endorses Mitt Romney Etc

Several polls gave Mitt Romney a healthy lead in Wisconsin... Meanwhile Rep. Paul Ryan, who some wanted to for president and is considered a veep possibility, endorsed Romney... Obama's campaign demanded that Romney make public tax returns going back to the 1980s... Obama, who criticized his predecessor's use of executive power, has become a fan.