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War Vets To Protest, Return Medals At NATO Summit

Anti-war activists are gearing up for a march and rally in Chicago this weekend. As the 2012 NATO Summit gets underway there, members of Veterans Against the War plan to ceremoniously return their medals.

Closing Arguments Made In John Edwards Trial

The prosecution and defense in the John Edwards trial gave their closing arguments on Thursday. The former presidential candidate and vice-presidential nominee is accused of accepting almost a million dollars of secret campaign payments. Prosecutors allege he used the money to hide an affair and subsequent pregnancy with a campaign worker. Melissa Block talks to North Carolina Public Radio's Jeff Tiberii.

All Eyes On Same-Sex Wedding Of Mayoral Hopeful

Christine Quinn is the early favorite in the New York City mayoral contest for next year, assuming current Mayor Michael Bloomberg finally steps down after three terms. Quinn is also the first openly gay woman to be speaker of the city council. So everything about her wedding to longtime partner Kim Catullo on Saturday has been surrounded by politics.

U.S. Ambassador To Myanmar The First Since 1990

Relations between Washington, D.C., and the former pariah state, Myanmar continue to warm. On Thursday, the Obama administration named the first full ambassador to Myanmar in more than two decades.

Key Witness Testifies In Clemens' Perjury Trial

The key witness in the perjury trial of baseball star Roger Clemens is on the stand this week testifying that he injected Clemens with performance-enhancing drugs. Nina Totenberg talks to Melissa Block.

Even Before 'Citizens United,' Big Donors Dominated

The emergence of Joe Ricketts is yet more proof of how the Citizens United court ruling has opened the flood gates for wealthy donors to influence the outcome of presidential campaigns — or has it? Peter Overby talks to Robert Siegel about big donors and what those court decisions really mean.