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Zimmerman's Lawyers Withdraw From Trayvon Martin Case

Lawyers for George Zimmerman in the case of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin say they are no longer representing the man who killed the unarmed Florida teenager. Defense attorneys Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig said that they had fallen out of contact with Zimmerman.

What Santorum's Exit Means For Romney

Rick Santorum's departure from the presidential race means Mitt Romney is finally in a position to draw to his ranks that part of the Republican electorate that until now has preferred his numerous rivals, virtually each of whom has risen to challenge him only to fall, the latest and last being the former senator from Pennsylvania.

In Defeat, Santorum Becomes Conservative Champion

Despite falling short in the quest for the Republican presidential nomination, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has established himself as one of the dominant conservative voices in America, particularly when it comes to social issues such as abortion and birth control.

Santorum Bows Out, Suspends His Bid For The Republican Nomination

The former Pennsylvania senator, who has been Mitt Romney's main challenger in recent weeks for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, pitched himself as the one true conservative in the race.

U.S. Coal Exports Soar To 1991 Heights

America's reliance on coal to produce electricity has declined by more than 20 percent in recent years — but it is exporting coal at a rate not seen in 20 years, according to the AP. Much of the new surge in coal exports comes from Japan and South Korea.

Philly Cops Bust Crime In 140 Characters Or Fewer

Philadelphia police have been hitting the streets to prevent crime, and now they're hitting the Web. This month, a small group of cops will start using Twitter to crack down on criminal activity. Supporters say it could save money and puts a modern spin on walking the beat.

George W. Bush Says He Doesn't Miss Being President

It was an "was unbelievably interesting experience," he says, but "I had plenty of the limelight."