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Supreme Court Rules On Health Care Law

The justices have ruled on the constitutionality of the landmark health care law that has become a signature of Barack Obama's presidency. The law was largely upheld.

As It Happened: Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law

The decision is a victory for the Obama administration over critics who said the health care overhaul was unconstitutional.

Jobless Claims Dip Only Slightly; First-Quarter GDP Estimate Unchanged

Neither of today's economic reports change the picture. They add to evidence of sluggish growth.

JPMorgan's Losses 'May Reach $9 Billion'

"People who have been briefed on the situation," say the losses from bungled trading have more than tripled from the initial estimate, The New York Times reports. The bank isn't commenting for the record.

'Hell In The Rearview Mirror' As Coloradoans Flee Wildfires

In Colorado Springs, a huge wildfire continues to destroy homes and threaten the city. More than 1,000 firefighters are on the scene. There are other blazes in seven western states.

Comedian Sells Out Concert Tour In Less Than 2 Days

Comedian Louis C.K. sold out his tour while bypassing ticket services like Ticketmaster. He sold tickets on his website for a flat fee of $45. He raised $4.5 million.

Tentative Deal On Transportation Reached

House and Senate negotiators are said to have reached a deal to fund highway projects for the next two years. The latest temporary highway bill extension is set to expire Saturday, and for weeks negotiators have been trying to smooth out the differences between House and Senate versions.