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Charlotte Braces For Democratic National Convention

Delegates, journalists and protesters are beginning to fill the streets of Charlotte, N.C. The city has a lot riding on the Democratic National Convention which gets underway Tuesday.

Can Obama Supporters Keep 'Hope' Alive?

The Democratic National Convention starts this week, and President Obama faces the challenge of rallying his base to support him in November. But four years ago, his path to secure the nomination wasn't easy either. Host Michel Martin checks back in with four Democrats she spoke with in 2008 to see how their lives and their views have changed.

Once Denied A Purple Heart, A Soldier Gets Her Medal

The Army changed its guidelines last year on awarding Purple Hearts to troops who got concussions in combat. NPR and ProPublica reported on this two years ago, and last month, one of the soldiers profiled by our investigation — who had been denied a Purple Heart — finally received her medal.

A Resting Place For Hunting Hounds In Alabama

In order to be buried at Coon Dog Cemetery in northern Alabama, a dog must have a proven track record for hunting raccoons. It's a tradition that started 75 years ago with the special bond between a hunter and his dog, Troop.

On Defense In Era Of Anti-Big Government Sentiment

Democrats are balancing on a fine line: Many try to argue that government is part of the solution, while still acknowledging that it can be part of the problem. Their efforts have tended to be overshadowed by a long-running Republican messaging campaign against "big government."

'It's A Grind': An NFL Player's Struggle For Survival

To call Ross Ventrone's career as an NFL defensive back unstable is an understatement. He's been hired, promoted, or fired by the New England Patriots no fewer than 29 times in two years.

Some In Mo. Still Back Rep. Akin Despite Comments

Todd Akin now trails Sen. Claire McCaskill in the U.S. Senate race, and the GOP establishment is pressing the Republican to quit the contest. But one expert says the controversy will help the congressman more than it hurts him.

Rev. Moon, A 'Savior' To Some, Lived A Big Dream

The controversial founder of the Unification Church said Jesus spoke to him when he was 16. Sun Myung Moon said Jesus wanted him to fulfill his mission of creating the "true family." Moon considered himself the Messiah and was known for conducting mass weddings and attracting thousands of young followers. He was 92.


Occupy Plans Resurgence At Democratic Convention

Occupy Wall Street says it will protest at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., next week as a run-up to mass demonstrations planned for its Sept. 17 anniversary.