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George W. Bush Says He Doesn't Miss Being President

It was an "was unbelievably interesting experience," he says, but "I had plenty of the limelight."

State Approves Bill To Ban Employers From Seeking Facebook Login Info

The practice of employers asking job applicants for their account login information for Facebook and other social media sites is meeting its backlash, as Maryland is poised to be among the first states to ban the practice, reports The Baltimore Sun.

Increasingly, Reporters Must First Answer Some Questions

More and more often, elected officials and their staffs are checking out journalists who come calling. They say they just can't be sure anymore if someone really is or isn't a reporter.

For Economy, Government Work Is No Panacea

There are 700,000 fewer people working for state and local governments than there were before the recession. Although tax collections are improving, the public sector remains in no mood to hire.

'A Moon Colony Guy'? The Republican Campaign Returns

After a relative lull in campaigning, the Republican presidential candidates are back at it Tuesday in Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina and Texas. And a Washington Post-ABC News poll shows President Obama leading prospective GOP nominee Mitt Romney — especially on likability.

Are Hate Crime Laws Necessary?

A shooting spree that left three African-Americans dead in Oklahoma and the death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin have renewed public debate about hate crime laws. Host Michel Martin speaks with law professor and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler about hate crime statutes and whether they're necessary.

Carriers, FCC Join In Bid To Curb Cellphone Thefts

Companies have agreed to create a national database for stolen or missing phones, which would then be deactivated. It's hoped that will make them less tempting.

Tips Led To Tulsa Shooting Suspects' Arrests; Police Say They've Confessed

It started with one caller identifying a likely suspect. Others phoned in tips that helped police track down the suspects. Now, according to police, the two have admitted shooting five African-Americans. Three of the victims died.

Honolulu City Council Race Could Make History

If E.J. Delacruz, 18, were elected, he would be the youngest person ever to hold political office in Hawaii. Not that it will be easy. A state representative is running for the same job, which also has an incumbent seeking re-election.