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Rain Over Texas Quenches Dry Lone Star State

While much of the country is mired in drought, Texas is recovering from some of the state's hottest, driest months on record. Recent rains have almost ended the Texas drought. But how long will the current wet spell last?

Jindal's Story Intrigues, But Can It Get Him A VP Nod?

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is an Indian-American with a compelling life story. At 41, he's already had a successful political career. He could also add some buzz to the GOP ticket. But his 2009 moment in the spotlight has some Republicans worrying whether he's ready to be vice president.

GM Retirees Face Crucial Pension Deadline

More than 40,000 GM retirees must decide by 5 p.m. Friday whether to take a buyout of their pensions. If they don't, responsibility for their pensions shifts to a private company. Financial planners have been working overtime to try to help people make a decision.

Drought Affects Large Swaths Of U.S.

A devastating drought has taken over areas of the Rocky Mountains and Midwest. Author and conservationist William DeBuys tells Renee Montagne that one of the shocking things has been the number of new high temperature records.

Gunman Kills Moviegoers In Aurora, Colo.

Steve Inskeep talks to Isaac Ramos, a witness to the theater shooting in Aurora, Colo.

Obama Courts Fla. Seniors, An Important Voting Block

At Century Village in West Palm Beach, Florida, Thursday, President Obama made an appeal to senior citizen voters. It's a group he struggled with in the 2008 election. Seniors make up about a fifth of the state's population, but they comprise nearly a third of registered voters.

Web Quiz Tells You Which Presidential Candidate Best Fits Your Worldview

An interactive Web quiz purports to show you which presidential candidate's views most line up with yours. It's the creation of two guys who want to encourage more political engagement. The quiz can produce some surprising results.