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State Government Takes Financial Reins In Detroit

Detroit has reached an agreement with the state of Michigan that the Motor City hopes will help it avoid going bankrupt.

NYPD's Stop-And-Frisk Tactics Targeted By Critics

Some say the New York Police Department's strategy amounts to widespread racial profiling, but supporters counter that it's one reason the city's crime rate is as low as it is. Now, the city's stop-and-frisk numbers reaching record highs, and state lawmakers are pushing to rein the practice in.

Some Jews Say Bugs Have No Place At The Seder Table

Some Orthodox rabbis say that if you're keeping to the spiritual interpretation of what is kosher, you've got to get the bugs out of your vegetables.

Fox In Socks! Dartmouth Names Its Medical School After Dr. Seuss

No word yet on whether memorizing The Cat in the Hat will now become a requirement for medical school admission.

Craigslist Founder Takes On Voter ID Laws By Infographic

The anti-voter ID law infographic by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark is just the latest broadside in the war between those who believe the voter ID laws are aimed at suppressing the votes of people more likely to vote for Democrats and those who believe that voting fraud is a real and present threat to American democracy.

White-Nose Syndrome: A Scourge In The Bat Caves

The disease has killed more than 5.5 million bats in the eastern United States and Canada and is making its way west. White-nose syndrome has been diagnosed in three Missouri bats — the first confirmed cases west of the Mississippi — and scientists say it won't stop there.

Feds Interview New Witnesses In Polar Bear Probe

The interviews are part of an ongoing investigation of government scientists who described seeing dead polar bears in Arctic waters in 2006. Investigators were apparently interested in archived aerial surveys, suggesting their probe remains focused on the scientific integrity of the 2006 paper.