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Schools On Military Bases Also Fall Victim To Sequester Cuts

Weekends on All Things Considered guest host Kelly McEvers talks to Jack Boogaard, the assistant superintendent of schools in Leemore, Calif., about how schools near military bases rely on federal money, much of which has been lost because of the budget cuts known as sequestration.

Times Square's Naked Cowboy Wrangles Some Co-Workers

Donning a cowboy hat, a guitar and little else, the Naked Cowboy has made a name for himself among New York tourists. But there's plenty of free spirit (and cash) to spread around: Fellow naked cowboys and cowgirls pay for a chance to make a buck under his brand.

Odds Favorite Orb Wins Muddy 139th Kentucky Derby

It's Derby Day in Kentucky, where days and weeks of anticipation will culminate in a race that lasts just over two minutes. When the starting gates open at 6:24 p.m. EDT, 19 horses will race on a wet Kentucky Derby track.

Shifts In Weather And Strategy Help Slow Springs Wildfire

Firefighters in Southern California are welcoming the latest weather forecast, as lower temperatures and higher humidity could help them control the Camarillo Springs Fire. So far, only 15 structures have reportedly been damaged, in an area where rugged wilderness provides plentiful fuel for fires.

Boston Investigation Unpacks Brothers' Pre-Bombing Moves

Host Scott Simon talks to NPR counterterrorism correspondent Dina Temple-Raston about the latest in the investigation into April's Boston Marathon bombing.

Fewer Jobs, Persistent Racial Disparity

Scott Simon talks with New School Economics Professor Darrick Hamilton about the long-standing racial disparities in the unemployment figures.

Sports: From Basketballs To Racing Horses

Host Scott Simon speaks with Howard Bryant of ESPN about the latest sports news.