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Romney's $40.1 Million Haul In April Nearly Matches Obama's

In the first month since he effectively wrapped up the GOP presidential nomination, Romney and his party raised almost as much money as the president and the Democratic Party.

Minorities Are Now Majority Of U.S. Births, Census Says

Last year, for the first time in U.S. history, slightly more than half of the babies born were Hispanic, black, Asian or from another minority.

As Feared, JPMorgan's Losses Are Growing; Reportedly At $3 Billion

The losses from ill-fated bets made by the bank's London office have been expected to mount. But they're rising even faster than some predicted. Still, JPMorgan's profits from other operations will likely offset the billion dollar blunders.

Director John Waters Hitches A Ride With Indie Band

The Baltimore legend is known for his pencil-thin mustache, and for movies like Hairspray. He's said in interviews he enjoys hitchhiking. Recently, the band Here We Go Magic tweeted photos of him in their van.

Student Discovers Mastodon Tooth In His Backyard

An Oklahoma teacher asked her fifth graders to each bring in a rock. One student brought in a stone that looked like a tooth. It turns out it was a tooth, according to the Muskogee Daily Phoenix. The tooth may up to 40 million years old.

Haitian Boy Rescued At Sea, Now A Coast Guard Grad

At age 6, Orlando Morel was adrift with other Haitian refugees in the waters off the Florida coast. The U.S. Coast Guard picked them up, he was adopted by an American, and now, at 24, he's a Coast Guard Academy graduate, headed back to those waters for duty.

Fed: Sizeable Risk From Capitol Hill Gridlock

The Federal Reserve has unsealed the minutes of its Open Market Committee meeting in April. Fed officials warn that a failure to agree on a federal budget plan could mean businesses will delay hiring plans.