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Nuns Ask Candidates To Spend A Day With The Poor

A group of Catholic nuns say they're worried about the way GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will approach poverty and safety-net programs, if elected. So the nuns have invited him, and his running mate Paul Ryan, to spend a day with them, helping the poor. Sister Simone Campbell discusses the invitation with guest host Jacki Lyden.

Has Romney Settled Debate Over Personal Taxes?

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Thursday that he's paid a rate of at least 13 percent in taxes over the past 10 years. But the Obama campaign again called on Romney to release more tax returns. Guest host Jacki Lyden discusses this and other political news with Univision's Fernando Vila and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Craig Gilbert.

Does Law Protect Prayer Or Exclude Non-Christians?

Advocates say a public prayer amendment to the Missouri state constitution will strengthen the right to pray in public. But critics say it'll marginalize non-Christians. Guest host Jacki Lyden talks with Missouri State Rep. Mike McGhee who sponsored the initiative, and the Anti-Defamation League's Karen Aroesty, who opposes it.

For A Better, Leaner Burger, Get To Know Your Proteins

Americans love burgers, but cooking leaner meats on the grill requires some scientific know-how. We turn to Cooking for Engineers blogger Michael Chu for some technical tips for success with leaner meats.

Insurer Will Pay In Case That Quickly Went Viral

Matt Fisher's sister was killed in a 2010 car accident caused by another driver. Her insurance company resisted paying her estate. Fisher wrote a blog post about the case. Now the story is national.

Alabama Authorities Put A Real-Life Walter White On Their Most Wanted List

That's the name of the main character — a science teacher who's become a meth cooker and a killer — on AMC's Breaking Bad. It's also the name of a man wanted for meth production in Alabama. Life is imitating art.

Taking Back A Park In Baltimore, Md.

The Fayette Street Outreach Organization brought together neighbors and young people from throughout the community to restore Warwick Park.

Competing Against The Nicest Guy In Town

When salesmen can't compete on price, they try to out-nice each other.

When The Lawyer Becomes The Object Of Prosecution

An accused drug dealer has turned the tables and helped prosecutors convict his defense lawyer of manufacturing evidence to help his case. The hard-nosed strategy is raising questions about whether the Justice Department is chilling the relationship between a defendant and his lawyer.