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Community Soup In Silver City, Nev.

Once a month Cashion Callaway makes a sit-down soup dinner for her community and teaches people about cooking and nutrition.

Head Start To Absentee Dads: Please Come Back

A Head Start program in New Haven, Conn., is trying to get absentee fathers back into the parenting game. The program offers parenting classes in the hopes that even men with troubled lives can find redemption by connecting with their children.

Curiosity Is On A Roll: Makes Its First Movements On Mars

The rover moved forward a short distance, rotated and moved backward. It's fully mobile, NASA engineers say.

Drought Forces Ranchers Into Difficult Decisions

This summer's brutal drought has put ranchers in a difficult position; water and feed are running low and ruinously expensive to replace. NPR's Neal Conan speaks to stricken ranchers and agricultural economist Norman Dalsted about how to deal with the drought, and what to expect in terms of food prices.

Continuing To Serve In St. Louis, Mo.

The Mission Continues challenges military veterans to use their knowledge and skills to serve and lead in communities across America.

Political Junkie: Todd Akin And Negative Campaigning

After his comments about rape caused an uproar, Republican Rep. Todd Akin says he's staying in the Missouri Senate race. NPR's Neal Conan and Politico's Charlie Mahtesian discuss the fallout. Politix editor David Mark also joins in for an examination of negative campaign tactics.