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Princess Cruises Says Video Disproves Guilt

Princes Cruise Lines lawyers are calling for the dismissal of a lawsuit alleging the crew of their mammoth Star Princess cruise liner failed to help a Panamanian fishing boat in distress.

Low And Slow May Be The Way To Go When It Comes To Dieting

Low-glycemic foods that take awhile to digest may help keep weight off longer than other diets. The low-glycemic diet comes out on top in a new study that compared to the low-carb diet and the low fat diet.

Los Angeles VA Has Made Millions On Rental Deals

The West Los Angeles VA Medical Center is a nearly 400-acre campus whose onetime sole purpose was to house veterans, but some say it has lost sight of that mission. The Department of Veterans Affairs has been renting chunks of the land, mostly to enterprises that have nothing to do with helping veterans.

For Museum, Long-Lost Picasso Is Too Costly To Keep

For more than 40 years, Pablo Picasso's Seated Woman with Red Hat went unnoticed in the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science's storage area. Now that it's resurfaced, the Indiana museum says it can't afford to insure the multimillion-dollar artwork.

States' Rights And DOMA Clash On A Shifting Battlefield

The debate over states' rights versus federal power is as old as our country, but this time the subject of controversy is relatively new. As Americans' views on homosexuality change, more states are stepping up to challenge the federal definition of marriage.

Critics Say Ryan's Record Belies Tough Deficit Talk

Paul Ryan gained national attention and praise from conservatives with bold proposals to cut the deficit and balance the budget. But critics say the Republican vice presidential nominee's talk doesn't match his record. To others, he is more a small-government conservative than a deficit hawk.

For Both Parties, Spanglish Is The Unofficial Convention Language

If you grew up in a bilingual Hispanic household, listening to the Democratic and Republican conventions may have sounded a lot like home. In this year's presidential election, Latinos are a major voting bloc — and Spanish is getting its close-up.

Eyes Off The White House: Other Races To Watch

Republicans made historic gains in the House in 2010, and while the GOP didn't quite get to a majority in the Senate, they had great expectations for 2012. NPR's Ken Rudin joins guest host Linda Wertheimer to talk about the fight for control of Congress.