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Dramatically Different Medicare Bills Set Hospitals Thinking

How much hospitals around the country bill for 100 top procedures became public this week. Though insurance or Medicare may not actually pay the sticker price, some hospitals in Alaska are considering how they'll respond to more knowledgeable consumers.

Experts Marvel At How Cyberthieves Stole $45 Million

The thieves hacked back-end computers and cloned prepaid debit cards, but their synchronized ATM withdrawals were even more extraordinary.

In Cleveland, 30 Minutes Of Bravery Ended 10-Year Nightmare

From The Plain Dealer: A gripping account of the moments just before and during the rescue of three young women and a little girl from the home where they had been held captive.

Emotions Run High After Boston Bombing Suspect's Burial

Tamerlan Tsarnaev's body was taken to a cemetery in central Virginia. It took about two weeks to find a place willing to bury him. Now, some in Virginia are raising objections and concerns.

Immigration Overhaul Bill Survives Daylong Revamp

NPR's congressional correspondent David Welna speaks with host Scott Simon about the flurry of last-minute amendments, most from conservative Republicans, to alter the bipartisan immigration legislation.

Kerry's Agenda: Priorities Emerge With Travel

Secretary of State John Kerry has been in office for less than three months and as he travels the globe, his priorities are becoming clearer. He's trying to find a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis, revive Israeli Palestinian talks and convince China to use its influence with North Korea to resolve that issue diplomatically.

Ala. Juke Joint Shuttered After More Than 50 Years

Longtime blues joint Gip's Place, in Bessemer, Ala., has been forced to close its doors. Weekend Edition profiled the place two years ago. Host Scott Simon takes note of the closing.

Officials Aren't Linking Man's Arrest To Texas Explosion

A former emergency services volunteer in West, Texas, is under arrest for allegedly possessing an explosive device. But investigators say they have not tied him to the April 17 fire and explosion at a fertilizer plant that devastated the community.