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For Both Parties, Spanglish Is The Unofficial Convention Language

If you grew up in a bilingual Hispanic household, listening to the Democratic and Republican conventions may have sounded a lot like home. In this year's presidential election, Latinos are a major voting bloc — and Spanish is getting its close-up.

Eyes Off The White House: Other Races To Watch

Republicans made historic gains in the House in 2010, and while the GOP didn't quite get to a majority in the Senate, they had great expectations for 2012. NPR's Ken Rudin joins guest host Linda Wertheimer to talk about the fight for control of Congress.

After 73 Years At Macy's, Employee Retires

Guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks with Rose Syracuse, the longest-serving employee in the history of the Macy's Department Store. Syracuse worked for Macy's flagship store in New York City for 73 years before retiring last week.

Shaping The Economic Future: 4 Big Ideas

Guest host Linda Wertheimer recaps the favorite "big ideas" of four high-profile economists, who raise questions about predicting crises, solving them and scanning brains for decision-making functions.

Post-Convention, Democrats Gain Momentum

Guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks with NPR's Mara Liasson about the political conventions and their aftermath.

Obama Pitches Recovery On Florida Tour

In Florida Saturday, President Obama made his pitch about an economy on the rebound, while stressing that there is much yet to be done. NPR's Don Gonyea reports from the perpetual battleground state.

Anticipation Builds For Football Matches

Guest host Linda Wertheimer gets NPR's Mike Pesca's take on football on the first Sunday of the season.

Romney Hopes To Swing Va. Back To GOP

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigned in Virginia Saturday. 2008 was the first time in more than 40 years that Virginia chose a Democrat for president. As NPR's Ari Shapiro reports, Romney wants to make sure this state does not grant President Obama an encore.

Chicago Teachers May Strike, Teach Political Lesson

If 25,000 teachers walk out in President Obama's home turf Monday, it could present problems for his re-election campaign. The teachers union is at odds with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who touted his plans for change at the Democratic National Convention.

GOP Has Rare Shot At Winning House Seat In Mass.

The last time Republicans held the spot was in 1997. Richard Tisei might be their answer for taking it back. The openly gay candidate is getting a boost from a family scandal surrounding the incumbent Democrat, Rep. John Tierney.