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Update: Akin Vows Again To Stay In Missouri Senate Race

Under fire for his comments about rape and abortion, the Missouri Senate candidate is under pressure from his own party to drop out before the end of the day. His Democratic opponent is one of the few voices urging him to stay in.

Drug Free in Dublin, N.H.

Volunteers at Dublin House help teenagers battle drug and alcohol addiction.

Wealthy Koch Brother Builds Old West Town

The Denver Post reports energy company founder Bill Koch built 50 buildings, including a jail, train station and a saloon. It's for his own amusement, and to hold his collection of Western memorabilia. His brothers famously donate to political causes.

10-Year-Old Son Gets Dad Help For Bee Stings

A.J. Hieber found his father sobbing in the bathroom. It turns out his severely allergic dad had been stung by bees while mowing the lawn. Wearing only underwear, A.J. jumped on his bike, rode several blocks, and found his mom.

In Wis. Swing County, Voters Criticize 'Handouts'

Many voters in Winnebago County feel that under President Obama, the government has tried to do too much. "I'm not a big fan of how big the government's gotten or how many people are living off the government now," says farmer Charlie Knigge.

Missouri Voters Haven't All Abandoned Rep. Akin

It seems like the entire political world is focused on comments made by Missouri Rep. Todd Akin about "legitimate" rape, and whether it can cause pregnancy. Akin, who's the state's Republican U.S. Senate nominee, made the remarks in a weekend TV interview. Akin has said he won't pull out of the race.