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Part Science, Part Art, Pollinator Pathway Connects Seattle Green Spaces

Plant pollinators are in trouble. But it isn't just the bees, its birds, butterflies and bats, too. A Seattle artist designs landscapes to connect the many different pollinators to the plants we eat.

'The Life That Follows' Disarming IEDs In Iraq

Brian Castner commanded two Explosive Ordnance Disposal units in Iraq, where his team disabled roadside IEDs and investigated the aftermath of roadside car bombings. He returned home a completely different man, which he details in his memoir, The Long Walk.

No June Gloom For American Auto Sales

Recovery has been creeping at a slow pace for much of the American economy, but sales by US auto makers have revved up. Chrysler and General Motors both saw double digit growth in June, and Ford wasn't too far behind. Guest host Maria Hinojosa and NPR's Sonari Glinton talk about what's driving the rise.

Romney Raised $106 Million In June; Obama Raised $71 Million

For the second month in a row, the Republican challenger and his party brought in more than the president and his fellow Democrats.

Sit And Talk Awhile: Filmmaker Chronicles The Personal Side Of Politics

When filmmaker Julie Winokur's son called her the most intolerant person he knew, she set out to prove him wrong. She's traveling the country with a star-spangled tablecloth, a camera and an invitation for people to sit awhile and share their political beliefs.

Tell the World Your Big Idea With NPR's 'What's Your Big Idea?' Video Contest

Do you have a good idea? Something that could change the world? NPR wants to know. Our new "What's Your Big Idea?" video contest will showcase the big ideas of people ages 13 to 25. It's all part of our exploration of the process of innovation and invention. So, what's your big idea?

Cherry Festival Crowns New Pit-Spitting Champ

Ronn Matt told the Chicago Tribune that his mother used to frown on his habit of spitting cherry pits. But now he's become a champion in Michigan. He won by spitting a pit 69 feet. The world record is 93.5 feet.

Ahhh! Some Relief From The Heat

Temperatures fell by 15 degrees or more on Sunday in cities from the midwest to the mid-Atlantic. After more than a week in the low 100s, forecasters say most of the U.S. will be more seasonable in coming days.