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Heavy Teens Eat Less But Weigh More Than Their Thinner Peers

Overweight teens eat fewer calories than their thinner peers, a new study says. So why do they weigh more? Researchers suspect a drop-off in exercise in the tween and teen years may be one reason.

Man Reviews Neighbors' Late-Night Karaoke

When free speech causes problems, the cure is often more free speech. A British man tested that theory when his neighbors exercised their right to stay up late singing karaoke.

Dozens Of Sites Provide Care For Chicago Students

With the Chicago Teachers Union on strike, the Chicago Public Schools opened more than 140 sites Monday to help provide child care for students affected by the strike. Renee Montagne speaks with Lorraine Forte, editor-in-chief of Catalyst Chicago, a nonprofit watchdog covering education in the city. She visited a couple of schools on Monday that are providing child care, and also went to an alternate site at a local community center.

Conn. Court Examines Alleged Death Penalty Bias

A legal case under way in Connecticut, involving a group of death row inmates, has attracted some national attention. The trial resumes Tuesday and centers on whether there's been race, gender and geographic bias in Connecticut's death penalty cases. Diane Orson of member station WNPR reports

In Chicago, 'Perfect Storm' Led To Teachers' Strike

The issues at stake in the Chicago teachers strike have already been encountered in hundreds of school systems around the country, but few, if any, have led to strikes. In Chicago, it was a combination of personalities, politics and local issues that brought the situation to a boil.