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Newark Mayor Enters Fire In 'Come To Jesus Moment'

Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker is being hailed as a hero after rescuing a woman from a burning building. He saw his neighbor's house on fire Thursday night, and he ran in to pull her to safety. Host Michel Martin speaks with Mayor Booker about the experience he calls a "come to Jesus moment."

What America Pays In Taxes

How much did people in your income bracket pay in taxes? And what was the government's total tax take, from all sources?

Slain New Hampshire Police Chief Was One Week From Retirement

Chief Michael Maloney was due to retire from the Greenland, N.H., police department next Friday. But Thursday night he was killed during a drug bust in which four officers were also wounded.

I Died On The Titanic

Titanic the musical, that is.'s Dana Farrington played a drowning victim as an eight-grader in 2002. The costumes and set were memorable in a good way, she says. But portraying the tragic ordeal was a bit creepy.

Today's Hero: Newark Mayor Cory Booker, For Going Into A Burning Building

Now he's trending on Twitter after leading a woman to safety from her burning home. He's even said to be tougher than Chuck Norris.

Holy Hail! Photos, Videos Show Texas Storm's Fury; Drifts 4-Feet Deep

An intense storm dropped so much hail on the area around Amarillo on Wednesday that the icy pellets drifted into piles several feet high in some places.

La. Town Named 'Boudin Capital Of The World'

Boudin is a Cajun specialty — sausage filled with rice, pork and herbs. And since Scott, La., is starting a Boudin festival, the state legislature crowned it the "Boudin Capital of the World." Nevermind there are two other Boudin capitals of the world. But Jennings, La., trumps them all. Years ago, it was crowned the "Boudin Capital of the Universe."

Voters Who Rejected Romney Now His Most Certain Votes

Now that he has the Republican presidential nomination all but sewn up, motivating the GOP's conservative base may be the least of Mitt Romney's worries.

Why Tax Day Falls On April 17 This Year

Taxpayers have a couple of extra days to get their federal returns in this year. April 15 falls on a Sunday. So why are taxes due on Tuesday, April 17, and not Monday?