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Bidders Get Feisty Over Foreclosed Homes

The inventory of homes for sale in California is low, even in areas with high foreclosure rates. That's made any available home enticing to buyers. But with so few houses for sale, bidding wars have returned. In many cases, investors are squeezing out the families trying to buy.

Native American Comic Living The 'Indigenous Dream'

Comedian Charlie Hill has been doing standup for more than three decades. Considered a hero in the Native American community, Hill says that he's achieved his dreams — but that the American dream is still out of reach for many Native Americans.

House Panel's Contempt Vote Against Holder Part Of Political Firefight

There's little evidence that the flap over Fast and Furious will make a difference to most voters come November. But there are a number of conservative gun owners in battleground states like Ohio who could be energized to oppose President Obama.

House Cites Attorney General Holder For Contempt

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. He is accused of not turning over certain documents related to the flawed gun-trafficking operation known as Fast and Furious. The White House has invoked executive privilege.

In Indiana, A U.S. Superhighway May Hit The Skids

When complete, Interstate 69 will provide a direct route from Mexico to Canada through the Midwest. Indiana must build miles of road to complete its leg of the project, but funding for the necessary construction is dwindling.

340 Tons Of Art: 'Levitated Mass' To Rock L.A.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is about to unveil its newest installation — a 340-ton boulder that visitors will be able to walk right under. It's called Levitated Mass, and it's taken a custom hauling job, about $10 million and more than 40 years to get it where it is today.

Program On Ariz. Immigration Part News, Advocacy

Dozens of Spanish-language radio and TV stations in Arizona have banded together to air a show about the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on the state's controversial immigration law. The half-hour program will air simultaneously Wednesday night.