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Restaurant Request: Please Don't Pass The Salt

The rotisserie chicken chain Boston Market is removing the salt shakers from tables in all of its restaurants. The company says it's part of an effort to reduce sodium, and to encourage diners to "taste their food before reaching for the salt." Salt shakers will be available for the asking.

Texas Sheriff: Sacred White Buffalo Was Not Slaughtered

The animal's owners had claimed it was killed, perhaps by other Native Americans. But an investigation shows it was a bacterial disease that killed the sacred animal, a local sheriff says.

Seize The Clay In Philadelphia, Pa.

The Claymobile brings clay art education to diverse populations in the Philadelphia schools and community-based organizations.

Factory Conditions Improve Where iPads Are Made

The Fair Labor Association has released a report documenting improvements in working conditions at three huge factories in China that make some of Apple's most popular products — like the iPhone and the iPad. The factories are owned and run by Foxcon, and they employee hundreds of thousands of workers.

Sen. McConnell Reaches Out To Tea Party Supporters

Here are two absolutes about politics in Kentucky: The state is reliably Republican, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is a political heavyweight in his home state. But until Tuesday, he had never attended a Tea Party rally. Since some of McConnell's hand-picked candidates have been beaten easily in recent elections, he's reaching out to his entire party. Phillip Bailey reports from member station WFPL in Louisville.

Obama Highlights Steps To Affordable Education

President Obama has been campaigning among college students. In Nevada and Ohio Tuesday, he told them his policies are better than his opponents for keeping higher education affordable.

GOP Platform Committee Adopts Abortion Position

Democrats have seized on rape comments made by Rep. Todd Akin. The issue of women's health and abortion for rape victims has put Republicans on the defensive. Tuesday, party members met in Tampa to put together their platform, and the abortion language includes no exceptions for rape or incest.

Jury To Decide Apple's Patent Case Against Samsung

In one of the biggest patent infringement cases ever, Apple is suing Samsung for as much as $2.75 billion — charging that in creating its products, Samsung ripped off iPhone and iPad technology. Samsung countered with its own allegations.