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How TV Brought Gay People Into Our Homes

From Will and Grace to Modern Family, studies show getting to know gay characters on television has changed Americans' attitudes toward homosexuality. One researcher says it's an effect that could snowball.

Breastfeeding Images Turn Heads At Any Age

The Time magazine cover of a mother breastfeeding her 3-year-old unleashed a deluge of opinions. What is it about the image that makes people squirm, the child's age or just breastfeeding at all?

Obama's Gay Marriage Evolution: A Societal Shift?

As the debate over the political calculations behind President Obama's endorsement of gay marriage continue, Host Scott Simon checks in with acclaimed novelist and screenwriter Armistead Maupin to talk about this as a cultural moment.

The Bigger Picture Of Indiana's Senate Race

Host Scott Simon talks with Indiana-based pollster and political analyst Brian Howey about the Indiana Senate race after the loss of six-term Sen. Richard Lugar.

Wis. GOP Gather For Convention On Key Senate Race

Wisconsin Republicans convene this weekend at their state convention and may or may not endorse one of the party's candidates for the U.S. Senate. Former Gov. Tommy Thompson is running for the nomination, but his opponents consider Thompson insufficiently conservative. Wisconsin Public Radio's Chuck Quirmbach reports.

A (Purchased) Haiku For You, Mom

Finding the right gift for Mother's Day is often a challenge, so some students at Washington and Lee University are offering their classmates customized poems — at a price. Virginia Public Radio's Sandy Hausman reports.

Calling 911? Or Did You Just Sit Down?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a study this week that shows that 38 percent of the calls received by New York's emergency services are mistakes, mobile phones that dial 911 when a user jostles a phone in their purse or pocket.

Attorney Katzenbach Was A Key Force For Civil Rights

Former attorney general Nicholas Katzenbach played a major role in the nation's battle over civil rights and other pivotal moments in the 1960s. As NPR's Debbie Elliott reports, he died this week in his New Jersey home at the age of 90.