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Voters Who Rejected Romney Now His Most Certain Votes

Now that he has the Republican presidential nomination all but sewn up, motivating the GOP's conservative base may be the least of Mitt Romney's worries.

Why Tax Day Falls On April 17 This Year

Taxpayers have a couple of extra days to get their federal returns in this year. April 15 falls on a Sunday. So why are taxes due on Tuesday, April 17, and not Monday?

Zimmerman's Attorney Is Respected By Prosecutors

George Zimmerman will remain in a Sanford, Fla., jail for at least several more weeks. The admitted killer of Trayvon Martin had his first appearance in court Thursday. Attorney Mark O'Mara declined to ask for bail citing the unprecedented public attention to the case. O'Mara was thrust into the spotlight when Zimmerman's original attorneys quit.

Newark Mayor Helps Save Neighbor From Fire

Newark officials say Mayor Cory Booker has been released from the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation while trying to rescue his neighbors from a fire.

Colleagues Recall L.A. Riots Unfolding Like 'A Movie'

Two decades after the Los Angeles riots, three former colleagues from the city's KJLH radio station recall watching the violence unfold from their studio window on Crenshaw Boulevard. The music station switched to an all-talk format for several days, as listeners called in to share what they were witnessing across the city.

Advice for Diet Soda Lovers: Skip The Chips

What diet soda drinkers eat may matter more than what they sip when it comes to long-term health effects, according to new research. This may help explain why some people gain weight when drinking lots of diet soda.