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The Political Perils Of Citing America's Peculiar Institution

Using American slavery to make a point about contemporary politics can be downright tricky business, as some public figures have recently learned firsthand.

Morning-After Pills Don't Cause Abortion, Studies Say

Emergency contraceptives like Plan B and ella are effective at preventing pregnancy after unprotected sex. Claims that the pills are tantamount to abortion, however, aren't supported by science, say researchers. The only way the drugs work is by stopping a woman's body from ovulating.

The 'Line' For Legal Immigration Is Already About 4 Million People Long

In the debate over immigration, many politicians seem to agree that people now in the U.S. illegally should wait at "the back of the line" for legal residency. But the backlog in processing applications means even those already in line face decades of waiting.

Former Peanut Firm Executives Indicted Over 2009 Salmonella Outbreak

Federal officials say executives from the now-defunct Peanut Corp. of America knowingly distributed peanut products that were contaminated with salmonella. The charges stem from a 2009 salmonella outbreak that sickened more than 700 people.

Fans Pitch Bids For Former Red Sox Pitcher's Blood-Stained Sock

Baseball fans and collectors are bidding on baseball history: a blood-stained sock worn by Curt Schilling in the 2004 World Series. The sock had been on loan to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, but Schilling was forced to put it up for auction after his video game company went bankrupt.

More Antioxidants In Your Diet May Not Mean Better Health

Antioxidants in foods may have health benefits, but it's not one size fits all. Having a diet high in overall antioxidant levels didn't prevent stroke and dementia in one recent study, although eating more vitamin C and E specifically did seem to help.

L.A. Hotel Where Body Was Found In Water Tank Has 'Long, Dark History'

The "night stalker" stayed at the Cecil Hotel in the '80s. So did an Austrian man who killed at least 11 prostitutes in three countries. This week, a woman's body was found in a rooftop water tank.

Winter Storm 'Q' Barrels Through Nation's Midsection

The storm that has already dusted parts of New Mexico and Oklahoma is expected to move through the Midwest, dumping as much as a foot and a half of snow.