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Parts Of W.Va. Still In The Dark 12 Days After Storm

It's 12 days and counting for thousands of people in West Virginia who are still waiting for their electricity to be restored after a storm blitzed across the eastern U.S. The summer power outages have been particularly difficult for those that have electric water pumps.

Struggling Michigan City Privatizes Public Schools

The emergency manager in Muskegon Heights, Mich., announced on Monday that he's turning over the entire school district to a for-profit charter operator. Like many struggling districts in the state, Muskegon Heights is low-performing and deeply in debt. Unlike the others, though, the elected school board voted for the emergency manager. Now, will they and the public support privatizing the public schools?

City Sounds: Saxophone Under A Chicago Bridge

As part of the NPR Cities Project, we'll be hearing from listeners about their own cities. Find out how to submit photos and sound at In this edition, we have the sound of a lonely saxophone under the Michigan Avenue Bridge in Chicago.

Taxes, Jobs And Jabs: Obama And Romney Slug It Out In Swing States

President Obama is in Iowa pushing his plan to extend tax cuts to the middle class — but not the wealthiest Americans. Mitt Romney is in Colorado accusing Obama of outsourcing jobs. Both states are up for grabs this November.

Justice Delayed: After Three Decades, An Apology

The Justice Department on Tuesday apologized to Kirk Odom for the "terrible injustice" of more than two decades spent in prison for rape and robbery. "There is clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Odom is innocent," the government now says, based on DNA tests and hair analysis.

Cycle Of Poverty Hard To Break In Poorest U.S. City

Tens of millions of Americans are still struggling, despite the slow economic recovery. In Reading, Pa., the nation's poorest city, local nonprofit Opportunity House provides a lifeline for families trying to stay afloat by offering day care, housing and other assistance. But many in Reading are still left behind.