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An Insider's Look Into The Secret Service

Reports that members of the secret service brought prostitutes to their Colombian hotel room have caused a firestorm. The incident has many asking if it's reflective of the agency's culture. Host Michel Martin speaks with former secret service agent Dan Emmett about the latest allegations and his new memoir Within Arm's Reach.

Alberto Gonzales: GOP Turns Off Latinos From Party

The DREAM Act calls for a path to citizenship for some undocumented students. In the past, Republicans have opposed versions of the bill, but some prominent figures like former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales say the GOP needs to find its own voice on the issue. He speaks with host Michel Martin.

Flossing Is Good For The Gums, But Doesn't Help The Heart

Medical experts have long thought that gum disease can cause heart disease. But now they say no; it's other health issues like smoking and lack of exercise that are causing both. But this doesn't mean you can stop flossing.

In Swing States, Obama Campaign Begins Push For Another Latino-Vote Landslide

In 2008, Barack Obama captured two-thirds of the Hispanic vote, winning in crucial swing states with large Hispanic populations like Colorado, Nevada and Florida. Obama's re-election campaign is now targeting those same states with its first set of Spanish-language TV and radio ads.

Is Nakedness Protected Political Speech?

John Brennan of Portland, Ore., was going through airport security when he was pulled aside for a closer look. So he removed all of his clothes, saying it was an act of protest. Facing charges, Brennan argues he was "nude but not lewd."

Secret Service Forces Out 3 Agents

The Secret Service announced Wednesday night that three people involved in misconduct in Colombia would be leaving the agency. Agents, as well as military personnel, are alleged to have hired prostitutes in advance of President Obama's recent trip to there.

Romney, Obama Focus Attention On Ohio, N.C. Voters

The Democrats hold their national convention in Charlotte, N.C., in September. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney traveled there Wednesday to deliver a prebuttal to President Obama's speech. Meanwhile, the president traveled to Ohio, another politically-important state, to deliver an address on the economy.

Citigroup's Historic Shareholder Vote Is Non-Binding

At their annual meeting, Citigroup shareholders gave a no-confidence vote to a $15 million compensation package for the company's CEO. It's the first time this kind of vote has happened at a Wall Street firm. Lynn Neary talks to Columbia University Law School professor Robert Jackson about the implications of the vote.

As NBA Playoffs Near, Teams Grapple With Injuries

There is one more week left in the lockout-shortened, action-packed NBA regular season. Chicago, Miami and Oklahoma City head toward the finals with strong records — as do the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs.