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Sports: Big Game Sevens On Both Coasts

Host Scott Simon speaks with NPR's Tom Goldman about the latest in the world of sports: lots of game sevens.

Iowa On Same-Sex Marriage: It's Complicated

The outcome of this year's election will be determined by a handful of states. One of them is Iowa, where gay marriage is legal. Jobs may be at the forefront of voters' minds, but President Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage — and Mitt Romney's response — could swing voters either way.

Wearing Helmets In Tornadoes Gains Momentum

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there's not yet enough scientific evidence to fully endorse the idea, but the agency is warming up to people donning helmets when severe weather threatens.

In L.A. Pregnancy 'Hot Spot,' An On-Campus Clinic

Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles has the only Planned Parenthood-funded family planning clinic in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The program has its opponents, but the school's chief nurse says "90 percent of the time, abstinence just isn't working for them."

Red Sox Slump Threatens Home Sellout Streak

The Boston Red Sox have sold out Fenway Park ever since 2003. But they're stuck in the basement of their division, losing 11 of their last 12 home games — and ticket resale prices are plunging. The Sox's skid is putting Major League Baseball's record sellout streak in jeopardy.

For Evangelicals, Romney Is The Lesser Of Two Evils

A recent poll found that evangelicals favor GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney over President Obama 67 to 22 percent, but a visit to a Dallas church shows they're doing so grudgingly. "This is a call to arms," says one parishioner. "Whether or not we like the choices, we must make a choice."

On Citizenship Question, Bachmann Not So Neutral

Under assault from conservative blogs and facing some skepticism in Minnesota, where she's up for re-election, Rep. Michele Bachmann wants to give back her just-revealed Swiss citizenship. But apparently it's a status she has enjoyed — at least technically — for three decades.

Big Losing Bet Tarnishes Wall Street Titan JPMorgan

JPMorgan Chase was one of the few major banking companies to emerge from the financial crisis with its reputation intact. Now, with revelations that it lost at least $2 billion in a hedging strategy gone wrong, that reputation is in tatters. And analysts say the loss raises doubts about other U.S. banks.