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Federal Court To Weigh Graphic Cigarette Labels

A federal appeals court considers Tuesday how far the government can go in forcing a business — in this case cigarette makers — to warn consumers about its product. The FDA wants large, graphic warning labels on cigarettes to scare smokers, but tobacco companies say that violates their right to free speech.

Jack Tramiel, Father Of Commodore 64 And An Auschwitz Survivor, Dies At 83

The Holocaust survivor founded Commodore International as well as Atari Corp. He was 83.

Maryland Says Mega Millions Winner Has Come Forward

The second of three winning tickets in last month's $656 million record-breaking Mega Millions lottery has been turned in. Earlier, the winning ticket sold in Kansas was claimed. No one has come forward in Illinois yet.


Obama's Off His Game — Basketball, That Is

Four years ago, then-candidate Barack Obama famously sank a 3-point shot. Today, the president was hitting iron — not net.

The Key To Keeping Lice At Bay? A Lot Of Hot Air

When kids are infested with head lice, a certain amount of panic — even desperation — can spread through a household. Parasite expert Dale Clayton knows that nightmare all too well, but now he also has a solution — using hot air to dry lice out and kill them and their eggs.

Now On The Menu For Hungry Kids: Supper At School

More families in financial stress are relying on schools to feed their children breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the past few years, a federally subsidized school dinner program has spread from six to all 50 states.

Colon Cancer Screening More Likely When People Are Given A Choice

People are more likely to get screened for colon cancer when their doctor gives them a choice of methods. Pushing colonoscopies alone may keep people from getting screened at all, according to a new study.

Spring Trout Season Starts With Fervor In Ill.

Fishing fanatics have been waiting months for the first cast of Illinois' spring trout season. More than 60,000 rainbow trout have been stocked into waterways throughout the state. In the next few weeks, nearly a quarter of those fish will be caught by seasoned anglers and newcomers to the sport.

Tulsa Shooting Suspect Had Troubled Past

An Oklahoma judge set a $9.1 million bond for each of the two men suspected in Friday's shootings of five black people in Tulsa. Three of the victims died. Authorities delayed charging the suspects until next week.