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As Colleges Retool Aid, Can Entry Stay Need-Blind?

For years, colleges have competed to attract diverse student bodies by offering students admission without considering their ability to pay. But as costs rise and student need increases, even schools with big endowments are beginning to acknowledge that their generosity is unsustainable.

Powerball Jackpot Is $500 Million; Now Will You Buy A Chance?

The chances of winning are sky high. But so is the jackpot. Is that getting you to think about putting some dollars down? Judging from the way sales are soaring, lots of folks are dreaming about a big windfall.

Kennedy Center's New Organ No Longer A Pipe Dream

The old organ was in bad shape and beyond repair. Now, after more than two years of construction and installation, a new organ has arrived and will make its debut on Nov. 27.


NH All-Female Delegation Ready To Break Gridlock

New Hampshire voters are known for having a strong independent streak. This year, they elected a woman governor and the first all-female congressional delegation. Host Michel Martin speaks to one of the newest members, Democrat Annie McLane Kuster.

When Do Self-Defense Laws Apply?

Stand Your Ground statutes and similar laws came under scrutiny after an unarmed teenager was shot by a neighborhood watchman this year. That case raised questions about other prosecutions, like that of John McNeil in Georgia. Host Michel Martin discusses McNeil's case with Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Rhonda Cook.

Is It Wise To Bank At Big Box Retailers?

Big box stores sell groceries, tools, and now even offer home mortgages. But critics warn the financial products aren't regulated like they are at banks. Host Michel Martin discusses the pros and cons of big box banking with New York Times business reporter Stephanie Clifford.

Dads Weigh In On Work-Life Balance

There's a lot of talk about how working moms balance their duties at the office and at home. But some dads are asking why they aren't included in the conversation. Host Michel Martin discusses fatherhood and the work-life balance with researcher Kenneth Matos, and dads Ken Gordon, Brian Tessier and Corey Dade.