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Why Do Election Polls Vary So Much?

Election Day is a week away and it seems everywhere you look, there's a new poll on TV, online, or the radio. But they don't all say the same thing. Host Michel Martin looks at why the polls vary, and what they tell us. She talks with Stanford University political science professor Simon Jackman.

The Psychological Damage From Superstorm Sandy

As the East Coast struggles in the wake of superstorm Sandy, Tell Me More focuses on the psychological damage that natural disasters can cause. Host Michel Martin speaks with psychiatrist Dr. Carl Bell about who is most at risk, and how people can help each other survive the emotional trauma of disasters.

Could Romney Repeal The Health Law? It Wouldn't Be Easy

Stopping the Affordable Care Act may be harder than the law's opponents realize. For one thing, if he's elected, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney can't just grant waivers letting states ignore the law on his first day as president.

East Coast Reeling After Hurricane Sandy

For an update on superstorm Sandy's impact on the East Coast of the U.S., Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep speak with NPR reporters Joel Rose, Elizabeth Shogren, Jim Zarroli, and Zoe Chace.

Sandy Deals New York City Flooding, Fire And Blackouts

Hundred of thousands of people were without power after the city was hammered by high winds and record-breaking storm surge. The head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the city's 108-year-old subway system had never seen such devastation.