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Cloning, Stem Cells Long Mired In Legislative Gridlock

The news that scientists have successfully cloned a human embryo seems almost certain to rekindle a political fight that has raged, on and off, since the creation of Dolly the sheep. It's a fight that has, over the past decade and a half, produced a lot of heat and light and not a lot of policy.

The Obamas Release 2012 Financial Disclosure

The 2012 accounting of the president and first lady's finances shows they had between $1.8 million and $7 million in assets.

Take Your Seat, The 'No Photography' Sign Is Lit

A viral video from an American Airlines flight highlights a little-known airline policy: no unauthorized photography.

Obama Announces Resignation Of Acting IRS Commissioner

The president says the resignation of Steve Miller is part of a larger effort to make sure the IRS never again engages in partisan targeting of certain groups.

Jury Finds Jodi Arias Eligible For Death Penalty

The Arizona woman was found guilty last week of killing her ex-boyfriend in a fit of rage. In testimony Wednesday, prosecutors had to prove Arias killed him in an especially cruel and heinous manner.

LA Schools Throw Out Suspensions For 'Willful Defiance'

Students deemed "willfully defiant" accounted for nearly half of California's 700,000 suspensions last year. Many educators are cheering the Los Angeles Unified School District's decision to ban such suspensions, arguing the category is too broad and disproportionately targeted black students.