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Not Your Cold War NATO: Alliance To Examine Itself

This weekend, thousands will descend on Chicago to attend a NATO summit. The gathering will focus on Afghanistan, but discussions will also include the future of NATO itself, and whether it can overcome its shortfalls. Recent missions show just how far the alliance is from the solidarity of its early days.

White House Sandwiches Followed By Snark, Disappointment, Warnings

The descriptions of the White House lunch meeting from those on the opposing red and blue teams made it sound like yet another meeting featuring the nation's top policymakers that you could have accurately scripted beforehand.

Video Helps Acquit Student In First Occupy Wall Street Trial

The New York University student was accused of disorderly conduct, but the video showed him breaking no laws. In a twist, the student had actually been working on a project aimed at portraying police in a better light.

Get Ready For Bike To Work Day (And Share Your Photos)

Bike to Work Day is this Friday. And that prompts a question: Do you bike to work? If so, you should prove it — by taking a photo of yourself and your bike. Then share the picture, and we'll consider it for a Bike to Work Day gallery. Post it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #NPRbike.

What Killed Orca Victoria? Some Point To Naval Tests

The U.S. Navy is in the process of renewing its permits to conduct sonar and explosive tests off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. But the recent unexplained death of a young orca who washed ashore in February has thrown a wrench in the process. Experts say injuries to the whale may indicate she was exposed to an underwater explosion or sonar testing.

Are U.S. Troops In Australia A Hedge Against China?

The U.S. has sent Marines to Australia as part of a military pivot that will place greater emphasis on Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Some Australians are wondering how this might affect their relations with China.