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Airlines Work To Get Planes Back In Place

Air travel is slowly starting to move again on the East Coast after a harrowing few days, when airlines canceled thousands of flights because of Superstorm Sandy. At American Airlines' operations center in Dallas, schedulers and planners are working to get planes in place.

The Little Girl Who's Had Enough Of Politics

Abigael Evans, 4, of Fort Collins, Colo., started crying on the way to the grocery store as she and her mother listened to NPR in the car. NPR editors issued an immediate apology online, and later in the afternoon, Abbie cheered up when she got an NPR Politics pin from member station KUNC.

In North Jersey, Still A State Of Emergency

Much of New York City and the surrounding area remain in a state of emergency. More than two days after a powerful storm, entire neighborhoods remain dark, without electricity and in need of basic supplies. Just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, the mayor of Hoboken is trying to get help for thousands of people in the city.

Conn. Commuters Find Creative Ways To Make Do

In Stamford, Conn., many people who usually work in the city are trying to make a go of it from where they are. That means going to a synagogue to charge your cellphone and get work done, or having breakfast at a diner to warm up.

Braving The Commute In New York

Bit by bit, New York is starting to move again. On Wednesday, bridges opened, buses returned, and so did gridlock. The city is trying to get people back on subways Thursday. Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep speak with NPR's Greg Allen, Mike Pesca and Margot Adler, who join in the commute.

In Queens, Hard-Hit Residents Assess The Damage

In the hardest-hit areas of New York City, people are getting back to their homes to inspect the damage and to figure out who's going to pay for this mess. In the Rockaways in Queens, after a devastating fire and flooding, residents are starting to take stock.