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Violence Hits Guantanamo Bay As Inmates Continue Hunger Strike

Inmates fought guards at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after authorities decided to end communal housing in one of the prison's camps, and instead put prisoners in individual cells. At least one detainee was reportedly injured by a rubber bullet in the clash Saturday.

Junior League Cookbooks: Crowdsourced Recipes, Old-School Style

Oh, there's golf at Augusta? We thought it was all about the food. Tea-Time at the Masters is just one example of an enduring form of community-created cookbooks put out by Junior Leagues since the 1920s. These ladies were way ahead of their time.

Police Sergeant Says Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets Were A Training Aid

A police sergeant in Port Canaveral, Fla., has been fired after he brought targets that were made to resemble Trayvon Martin — a figure in a hooded sweatshirt, holding a can or bottle — to a police target practice session.

Immigration And The Argument Against Citizenship

Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin speaks with Republican Rep. Lou Barletta from Pennsylvania, about the current push for immigration reform in Congress. Barletta served as the Mayor of Hazleton, Pa., during its controversial crackdown on illegal immigration in 2006 and 2007. The laws Barletta championed were ultimately challenged in court, but Barletta remains a staunch opponent of attempts to provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

In Hazleton, A Mixed Welcome For City's Immigrants

Tension in the Pennsylvania city continues between new Spanish-speaking immigrants and longtime residents. Longtime residents still struggle with their new neighbors' presence, while others are helping the families become part of the community.

'Core' Curriculum Puts Education Experts At Odds

Forty-five states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. Proponents say these new guidelines will significantly improve what is taught and how students are prepared for college and work. Skeptics say it's a misguided effort to create the first-ever national curriculum and tests.

Jazz In The Cafeteria: Kids Learn To Listen While They Chomp

At Alice Terry Elementary School in Colorado, a music teacher decided the students should occasionally have a "silent" lunch break. No talking, just listening to live music. Ami Hall says hearing new sounds makes children curious, which then carries over into other subjects.

Week In News: Guns In U.S., Threats Abroad

The gun control debate continued to dominate the news this week with President Obama coming out strongly in support of reforming the current gun control laws alongside the Newtown families. Host Jacki Lyden speaks with James Fallows, national correspondent with The Atlantic, about that story along with the bird flu in China, North Korea and the Postal Service.