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Remains Sent From Vietnam To Hawaii May Be Those Of U.S. Service Member

Vietnam has sent what analysts believe could be the remains of a member of the American military who died in the country during the Vietnam War. After a repatriation ceremony at the airport in Da Nang Sunday, the remains were sent to Hawaii for examination and possible identification.

Tax Tips For Procrastinators

It's the dreaded 'Tax Day.' Tell Me More offers some tips for those who still haven't filed their taxes yet. Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR Senior Business Editor Marilyn Geewax.

Finding Some Laughs On Dreaded Tax Day

Today is 'Tax Day,' and that means misery for lots of people. Tell Me More wants to lighten things up with some tax humor. The Capitol Steps are a political satire troupe in Washington D.C., and their repertoire includes some songs poking fun at taxes.

Poet Elizabeth Alexander Muses About Spring

Tell Me More is celebrating National Poetry Month with the 'Muses and Metaphor' series, where listeners submit their own poems via Twitter. Today's poem comes from renowned poet Elizabeth Alexander, who tweeted the poem First House Fly.

While Congress Slumbers, Laws Pass Elsewhere

During a time of paralysis in Washington, states are taking the lead on a whole host of issues, from guns and gay marriage to education and tax policy. Of course, not everyone applauds the laws they pass. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart recently called states the "meth laboratories of democracy."

FAA Orders Inspection Of Boeing 737s

Federal aviation regulators say a pin on the horizontal stabilizer could be prone to corrosion and "premature failure."

George W. Bush: 'I'm Comfortable With What I Did'

In a long interview with The Dallas Morning News, the former president says that "nobody likes to be criticized all the time," but that he made the right decisions based on the information he had at the time.

'Mila' Is First Grandchild For George W. And Laura Bush

The baby is named for her grandmothers. Her granddad, the nation's 43rd president, has already prepared three paintings for the baby. He's "become an artiste," Jenna Bush Hager told People magazine.

Happy Birthday: Federal Income Tax Turns 100

This year's IRS Form 1040 has 214 pages of instructions. When tax filing started a century ago, the 1040 had just one page of instructions.