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In The Second Debate, It's All About The Counterpunch

During tonight's presidential debate, President Obama will want to cast Mitt Romney as an unacceptable, unreliable choice. But Republicans think their man can come close to sealing the deal simply by doing what he in the first debate. Both candidates will need to fire up supporters without coming off as nakedly partisan.


Can College Students Handle Their Own Finances?

America's student loan debt is more than one trillion dollars, according to government agencies. Now, a former professor says high schools and colleges need to do more to help students manage their debt load. Host Michel Martin speaks with writer Laura McKenna about her online op-ed for The Atlantic.

The Tea Party: Cooled Down, Or As Strong As Ever?

The Tea Party may have took the 2010 midterm elections by storm, but many analysts are now asking if the party's influence has cooled off. Host Michel Martin looks at the Tea Party's prospects for this election with NPR's Senior Washington Editor Ron Elving and Shelby Blakely, journalist coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots.

5 Questions 'Real' People Might Ask At The Debate

With the election just three weeks away, many voters are still scratching their heads, wondering what exactly the candidates would do to improve the economy. Audience members at Tuesday night's presidential debate could focus on economic topics such as home prices, gasoline, wages, exports and jobs.

Armstrong Doping Scandal: Some Cyclists 'Made The Right Choice' Not To Cheat

Despite common perceptions, all pro cyclists did not use performance-enhancing drugs when Lance Armstrong was racing, says Joe Lindsey, a contributor to Bicycling magazine. "There were riders who made the right choice, and there were riders who made the wrong choice," he says.

Poll: Romney Has Large Lead In Rural Swing Counties

As Mitt Romney and President Obama get ready for their second debate, a new bipartisan survey shows a surge for Romney in a key voter group following their first debate Oct. 3. The poll of 600 likely rural voters in nine battleground states shows Romney's support stands at 59 percent, while Obama's is down to 37 percent.

Obama, Romney To Meet In Town Hall-Style Debate

The second presidential debate of this election season takes place Tuesday night at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. It will be moderated by CNN's Candy Crowley and will be done in a town hall-style. Democratic Strategist Tad Devine says the stakes could not be higher.

Bank Of America Improves Foreclosure Image

Bank of America will release quarterly earnings on Wednesday, and once again, foreclosures will be part of the equation. The Charlotte-based bank's handling of the housing crash upset a lot of people. And yet, some of those closest to the foreclosure mess are softening toward the bank.

Manufacturers Financially Support Hiring Vets

Four major manufacturers say they would offer financial support for training military veterans. The unnamed amount will go toward a program called Get Skills to Work Coalition, which has set its initial goal at training 15,000 vets.

Umpire Calls Are A Problem In Baseball's Post Play

The Detroit Tigers have a chance to put the reeling New York Yankees on the brink of elimination. Meanwhile, the San Francisco Giants have slowed the St. Louis Cardinals, who'd been playing with the kind of magic touch that carried them to last year's World Series title.