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Neuroscientist Turned Crime Solver in "Perception"

"Perception," a new TV show on TNT, stars Eric McCormack as an eccentric neuroscience professor who helps the FBI solve crimes between teaching classes. Series co-creator and executive producer Ken Biller describes the show, and explains how the writers work to get the science right.

Soul Food Fans Say Goodbye To 'Queen' Sylvia

Sylvia Woods of the legendary Harlem soul food restaurant, Sylvia's, died yesterday at age 86. She made chicken and waffles cool long before today's current crop of retro hipsters decided to take it on.

Movie-Theater Shootings Put Presidential Politics On Hold

The shootings of dozens at a Colorado movie theater led the presidential campaigns to tear up their scripts for Friday and beyond. President Obama cut short a campaign trip to Florida as his campaign and that of Republican Mitt Romney halted ads in Colorado and canceled some appearances.

'Shadow War' Between Israel And Iran Creeps Wider

Almost immediately after a bomb killed several Israeli tourists and wounded more than 30 on a Bulgarian bus this week, Israel blamed Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah. It's the latest salvo in a dispute that's simmered since the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

It's All Politics, July 19, 2012

Mitt Romney is under attack over taxes, Bain and outsourcing. But he's still tied with President Obama in nearly every poll. Plus, we weigh in on potential veeps, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin await their convention invites, Harry Reid complains, and Anthony Weiner mulls a comeback. Really.

For Stockton, Calif., Bankruptcy 'Freezes Everything'

Many cities around the country are faced with growing costs and shrinking revenue. Despite making sweeping cuts, Stockton, California recently became the largest city to file for bankruptcy. Host Michel Martin talks with Stockton Mayor Ann Johnston about how she's managing a city that's operating in the red.