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Hotel Rooms: A Precious Commodity Along N.J. Coast

FEMA is looking to put more displaced people in hotels, but in areas of coastal New Jersey, that's easier said than done. Rooms are incredibly hard to come by, as hotels are full with evacuees from the coast. Meanwhile, out-of-state workers who've come to help with the recovery have to sleep in the back of trucks.

Obama Wins Popular Vote, Controls Electoral College

Voters have given President Obama a second term in office. He defeated Republican Mitt Romney in a hard-fought race in which the economy was the dominant issue. In the end, Obama narrowly won the popular vote but captured more than 300 electoral votes to Romney's 206.

Wis. Elects First Openly Gay Person To U.S. Senate

Wisconsin voters chose the Obama ticket over their own native son Paul Ryan. And the state is sending the first openly gay senator to Washington: Tammy Baldwin defeated former Governor Tommy Thompson for the seat of retiring Senator Herb Kohl.

Indiana Flips From A Blue State To A Red One

After voting for Barack Obama in 2008, the state went for Mitt Romney Tuesday night. It also elected Republican Mike Pence as governor. There was an exception to the red tide that swept across the Hoosier state. Democrats picked up a Senate seat once held by outgoing Republican Richard Lugar.

Ohio Goes Blue, Disappoints Romney Supporters

Ohio was supposed to be the pivotal battleground state for both presidential candidates until it wasn't. The vote in Ohio was squeaky close. But still many would argue it didn't decide the election.

Colo., Wash. Voters Pass Marijuana Ballot Issues

Voters in Washington state and Colorado approved ballot measures legalizing recreational marijuana use. In Colorado, the drug will be regulated like alcohol. Residents over 21 years old will be allowed up to an ounce of marijuana.

Democrats Retain Control Of U.S. Senate

One-third of Senate seats were up for election. Republicans lost seats in Massachusetts and Indiana. And Democrats withstood hard-fought challenges to seats they have controlled since 2007 in Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin and Connecticut.

Gay-Marriage Supporters Do Well In State Elections

There were many more ballot initiatives across the country. A constitutional amendment proposed in Minnesota would've defined marriage as strictly between a man and a woman. That effort was defeated by voters — one of several victories for supporters of same-sex marriage Tuesday night.

DREAM Act Supporters Rally Arizona Voters

In Arizona, some people who couldn't vote had a personal stake in getting others to the polls. Young undocumented immigrants walked neighborhoods in the Phoenix area, looking for citizens who support one piece of legislation which could change their lives.

Republican Response Likely To Be Tactical, Not Transformative

Initial indications from within the GOP were that Mitt Romney's defeat wasn't seen as a rejection of the Republican platform as much as a failure of its standard-bearer to run a competent enough campaign to defeat a vulnerable incumbent.