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On The Trail, Even Republicans Spin Clinton Years Into Gold

In this year's presidential campaign, both parties are trying to use Bill Clinton's presidency to their advantage. Although he's popular and the economy was better then, it could be a risky strategy — because Clinton is not just a symbol.

Obama Talks Clean Energy, Latino Issues In Colorado

President Obama wrapped up a two-day campaign trip through Colorado on Thursday.

Women's Olympic Soccer Final: U.S. Beats Japan 2-1, To Win Gold

The U.S. women's soccer team has won their third consecutive gold medal in the Olympics. They defeated Japan at London's Wembley Stadium, in a game that set a new attendance record of more than 80,000 spectators.


Report From The Drone Convention: Unmanned Vehicles Find New Uses

Drone makers and robotics manufacturers gathered in Las Vegas are optimistic that they will overcome civil liberties concerns about these gadgets, and make the leap from wartime to peacetime markets. Products include "throwable" robots that police can use for remote surveillance, and small aircraft to watch volcanic eruptions.

Iowa, Key To Obama's 2008 Win, Now Divided

In 2008, Democratic caucusgoers launched Barack Obama as a legitimate national contender, and voters later turned out in record numbers to put him in the White House. But now many of his past supporters are wary and worried, and he's locked in a dead-heat battle with GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

After Tragedy For Sikhs, A Glimpse Into 'The Sunshine of Their Minds'

We're seeing their "capacity to look ahead, to heal, to be tolerant, to be understanding and to be calm and composed in the face of terrible grief or tragedy," India's ambassador to the U.S. tells NPR.

Teenager Claressa Shields Wins Historic Gold Medal In Women's Boxing;

She's still in high school, but boxer Claressa Shields is also an Olympic gold medalist, as she won her middleweight bout Thursday. She defeated Russia's Nadezda Torlopova by a score of 19-12, overcoming the Russian with both speed and power.

Weighing The Benefits Of Studying Abroad

College students are often urged to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. Research by Mark Salisbury, director of Institutional Research and Assessment at Augustana College, shows that meaningful cross-cultural education doesn't always happen.