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Medicaid Expansion Goes Overlooked In Supreme Court Anticipation

Specifically, the court has been asked whether the part of the Affordable Care Act that would expand Medicaid to an estimated 17 million more people over the next 10 years is an unconstitutional infringement of states' rights. The court's decision on the health care law is expected Thursday.

The State Of Affairs For Veterans Seeking Jobs

Unemployment rates among veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are higher that their non-veteran counterparts, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, retired Army Gen. Eric Shinseki speaks with host Melissa Block about the challenges for veterans in today's job market.

Obama Saw Immediate Fundraising Spike After Same-Sex Marriage Announcement

An NPR analysis of recently filed financial disclosure reports shows a nearly three-fold increase in donations over the 72 hours following the May 9 announcement that he supports gay marriage.

Read The Tea Leaves, But Justices (And Their Clerks) Aren't Telling

Only a few dozen people know how the Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care law. And it'll stay that way until Thursday morning. Justices and their law clerks don't leak opinions, which may explain the intense focus on what tea leaves can be read.

Firefighters Struggle To Contain Colorado Fires

More than 30,000 people near Colorado Springs, Colo., have evacuated as a wildfire continues to rage for a third day. Several other major fires continue to burn in the region, including the High Park fire, which has destroyed hundreds of homes near Fort Collins.