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Teachers Return To L.A. School Where Two Were Accused Of Lewd Conduct

The entire staff at Miramonte Elementary was replaced last February after the allegations against two teachers. Administrators wanted to show parents they were taking action. Now, cleared of any wrongdoing, the other teachers are back in their classrooms.

Campaign Trail: Biden's Comment About 'Chains' Sparks Controversy

By telling a racially mixed audience in Virginia on Tuesday that the Republican ticket's economic plans would "put y'all back in chains," Vice President Biden sparked the latest campaign controversy.

After 25 Years, Electric Squabble Is Settled

Grace Edwards' electric bill had seemed high for 25 years. Connecticut Light and Power first told her it must be an extra television or her air conditioning. It turns out, Edwards was paying to power two street lights.

Fun And Free Science In Providence, R.I.

The Providence Alliance for Clinical Educators combines captivating storytelling with exquisite illustrations to teach scientific principles in a fun and memorable way.

Nellie Gray, Founder Of 'March For Life,' Dies

In 1974, one year after the Roe v. Wade decision, opponents began rallying in Washington each year on the anniversary of the decision. Gray was the president of the March for Life Foundation. She was 88.

San Fernando's Financial Crisis Burdened By Scandal

The small Southern California city of San Fernando is facing a seven-figure fiscal crisis. But the town has been unable to address its money issues because the romantic entanglements of the city leaders are dominating the agenda.

Obama Backs Wind Energy, Romney Favors Coal

President Obama was in Iowa Tuesday, touting the electric potential of wind power. Republican rival Mitt Romney was in Ohio, talking up coal. Each candidate accused the other of standing in the way of the rival energy source.

Rep. Ryan Headlines GOP Events In Colorado, Nevada

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan continues to introduce himself to voters. Over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Ryan would be his running mate. So far, Ryan has campaigned exclusively in battleground states that were carried by Democrats in 2008.