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Friday Night Fight In Wisconsin: First Debate Before Looming Recall

The divisive battle to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker moves into its final phase Friday with the first televised debate between Walker and Democrat Tom Barrett. Some predict as much as $80 million will be spent on the race, as Walker tries to avoid becoming the third U.S. governor ever recalled by voters.

It's All Politics, May 24, 2012

This week, Ken Rudin and Ron Elving discuss Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker criticizing the president's tactics on Bain Capital, the Tea Party's goals in next week's Texas Senate primary, and general dysfunction in D.C. In other words, it's the Booker "Tea" Washington edition of the podcast.

Cleared Of Rape Conviction, California Man Aims To 'Move On Strong'

Brian Banks spent more than five years in prison. Then for the past five years, he had been on probation and wearing an electronic monitoring device. But his accuser recanted. Now he's hoping to get his life back together.

Inhale To The Chief: More Details Of Obama's Pot-Smoking Youth Revealed

President Obama revealed in his memoir "Dreams for My Father" his youthful use of illegal drugs as he grew up in Hawaii. But journalist and biographer David Maraniss apparently fills in the picture with quite a few colorful details.

Man At Center Of Federal Agency's Las Vegas Scandal Leaves His Job

Jeff Neely, the regional official at the General Services Administration who hosted a 2010 taxpayer-funded conference that became a scandal as details about excessive spending, gifts and lavish parties were revealed, is no longer with the agency.

Lost Bike Found After 41 Years; Then, The Story Gets Weird

The spin that one British newspaper has put on this otherwise unremarkable story may give you a laugh. So might the video that the Cape Cod Times produced.

'Ripped Reverend' Finds Joy In Bodybuilding

Amy Richter was slathered up in oil and wearing a sparkling red bikini when she competed in her first bodybuilding contest a few years ago. That was quite a change for an Episcopal priest. Host Michel Martin speaks with the "Ripped Reverend" about keeping the body and spirit strong.

Does Race Affect Your Hospital Stay?

NPR's "Sick in America" survey found that a lot of Americans are unhappy with the healthcare system. Among those who had a recent serious healthcare experience, nearly half said that a lack of cultural understanding played a big role in the problems with U.S. healthcare quality. Host Michel Martin talks with NPR's Richard Knox and Dr. Kavita Patel of the Brookings Institution.

Cows Get Their Drink On After Crashing Party

Police in Boxtford, Mass., responded to a call about six party crashers. The Tri-Town Transcript reports the cows chased away partiers, and drank their beer.