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Breast-feeding In Uniform: Brave Or Brazen?

Photos of Air Force moms breast-feeding in uniform recently went viral and sparked debate. The photos were meant to support military moms in breast-feeding. But some critics say the photos are disrespectful to the uniform. Host Michel Martin discusses the issue with active and retired military moms, including one who was featured in the photos.

County-By-County Battle In Wisconsin

Wisconsin votes on recalling its governor Tuesday, and much has been made of potential implications beyond the state. But while most registered Wisconsin voters are expected to turn out, they'll be thinking about the stakes for their state, not necessarily the mega issues of the presidential race.

As Sandusky Trial Begins, A 'Two-Minute Guide' To The Case

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Sara Ganim, who broke the story that rocked Penn State, sums up the news so far. Sandusky has pleaded innocent to charges that he sexually abused young boys.

Castle In Phoenix Sells For $1.5 Million

Robert Pazderka saw an opportunity when he bought the faux Moorish Castle. Built in the 1960s, it has a dungeon, drawbridge and secret passages. Pazderka hopes it will pay off in PR for his business making armored vehicles.

Baby Boom Money Squeeze Is Set To Get Tighter

As this immense generation keeps aging, most will end up with dementia or other disabilities that require costly care. For individuals, families and taxpayers, this demographic shift will drain dollars and attention, and force extremely difficult decisions about living arrangements, as well as end-of-life care.

Obama To Fundraise In Economically-Strapped Calif.

The latest unemployment numbers were disappointing but especially dismal are the numbers of African-Americans out of work. On Wednesday, President Obama visits the predominately black, affluent neighborhood of View Park in Los Angeles. While that area is considered fairly well-off in terms of black earning power, it is surrounded by need.

For Wisconsin Voters, Recall Day Is Here

Republican Gov. Scott Walker faces Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a recall election Tuesday that has attracted a lot of outside money. The attempt to remove Walker came after he successfully pushed to limit collective bargaining rights for public sector unions.

After 47 Years In Congress, Conyers Faces New Day

Congressional incumbents typically have a big advantage come election time. But Michigan Democrat John Conyers — the second-most senior member of the U.S. House — faces a newly redrawn congressional district and the toughest re-election campaign of his political career.