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Obama Promises To Keep Sandy Commitments

President Obama traveled to New York Thursday to assess the damage from Superstorm Sandy. He promised to help the affected residents until the rebuilding effort is complete.

Everyone 'Has To Participate' To Avoid Fiscal Cliff

Steve Inskeep talks to Democratic Sen. Patty Murray about going over the fiscal cliff. As the head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Murray helped the Democrats maintain their Senate majority. She has said that if Republicans do not agree to let tax cuts expire for those making over $250,000 per year, the country should go over the fiscal cliff.

U.S. Mayors Concerned About Fiscal Cliff Cuts

The two biggest fears of the fiscal cliff are defense cuts and tax hikes. The nation's mayors say the devastating effects of automatic cuts reach further than the Defense Department — right into their own cities. Steve Inskeep talks to the Democratic Mayor of Charleston, S.C., Jospeh Riley and Republican Mayor Scott Smith of Mesa, Ariz., about the impact sequestration could have in their cities.

It's Legal To Sell Marijuana In Washington. But Try Telling That To A Bank.

Voters in Washington and Colorado just approved measures legalizing marijuana for recreational use. But businesses that want to sell marijuana in those states will face a problem: No bank wants to do business with them.

In California, 'Republican' Is Becoming A Toxic Label

This year, the number of registered Republicans in the state dipped below 30 percent of voters. Some GOP candidates are even re-registering as independents to avoid having "Republican" next to their names. But analysts say change might have to come on a national level before it reaches California.

Want To Help Sandy Victims? Send Cash, Not Clothes

Lots of people and companies are making donations to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, but food and clothing aren't always the most helpful things. Most charities would prefer money so they can target help to the greatest needs.

4 Dead, 17 Hurt As Train Hits Veterans Parade Trailer In Texas

Local news reports say at least four people are dead and 17 injured. The parade was supposed to end with wounded service members being treated to an all-expenses-paid deer-hunting trip.

Health Exchange Activity Heats Up As Deadline Is Extended

Two Republican governors announced Thursday afternoon that they would not create exchanges in their states. A Democratic governor chose a hybrid model for her state. Then, the federal government pushed back the states' decision deadline, again.