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After 3 Wins, Santorum Campaign Moves To Texas

One day after winning caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota, as well as a "beauty contest" primary in Missouri, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum traveled to Texas for a series of campaign appearances. He met with evangelical pastors in the morning and members of the Tea Party in the afternoon.

Groupon Earnings Report Disappoints Investors

Groupon was expected to show a profit in its first earnings report since going public last fall. Instead, the company booked a net loss of about eight cents a share last quarter. But Groupon's revenues nearly tripled compared to a year earlier. Wall Street was still disappointed that growth-- especially of new customers-- wasn't stronger.

Romney Chips Way At Gingrich's Support In Georgia

One day after losing three contests to former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney traveled to Atlanta for a campaign event. Georgia holds its primary on March 6, which is Super Tuesday. And the state would seem to have built-in advantages for another of Romney's rivals. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is from Georgia.

States, Banks Negotiate Foreclosure Settlement

Assuming all goes as planned, at least 49 states will have signed on to a broad settlement between the banks and state attorneys general over robo-signing. Troubled homeowners may see some benefit, the banks will get some immunity provisions and the Obama administration is hoping to get some credit for negotiating the deal.

Washington State Lawmakers OK Gay Marriage

The move would make the state the seventh in the nation to allow same-sex couples to wed. Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire is expected to sign the measure into law next week. The vote comes a day after a federal appeals court ruled that California's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional.

Buoyant Santorum Takes Campaign To Texas — And Corrals Some Perry People

Fresh off victories in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum campaigned in Texas on Wednesday. He told a small group of pastors, some of them former supporters of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, that he is the true conservative left to challenge Mitt Romney.

A New Weapon Against Nukes: Social Media

A top State Department official wants to unleash the power of Twitter, Facebook and other services to crowdsource the fight to control the world's nuclear weapons.

Detroit Schools' No. 1 Mission: Getting Kids To Class

Dismal attendance rates have put Detroit Public Schools at risk of losing vital state funding, so the city has launched an assault on truancy. Attendance agent George Eason says, "If we see that the parent is willfully ... not sending the child to school, then we will take every means necessary to enforce the law."