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Bust To Boom: Why Housing Matters, Economically

The presidential candidates won't let up on their economic talk, but job creation has stolen housing's thunder. Energizing the housing market could drive economic recovery, but a number of economic and political potholes lie ahead.

Candidates Sprint To Election In Tight Contest

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney holds a slim lead in the popular vote in many polls. That's quite a turnaround from a little more than a month ago, when President Obama held clear leads in polling. Guest host Jacki Lyden speaks with James Fallows of The Atlantic about the race toward the finish line.

Tale Of The Tape: Brown Vs. Warren In Massachusetts

GOP Sen. Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren are fighting for the U.S. Senate spot. If he wins, it would be a huge boost for Republicans hoping to prove his 2010 victory was no fluke. If she wins, she would become the state's first-ever female U.S. senator.

The 'Ten Commandments Judge' Wants His Seat Back

In bright-red Alabama, the race for chief justice of the state's Supreme Court is surprisingly heated, pitting a controversial and archconservative former justice against a relatively unknown Democrat.

When A Robot Comes Knocking On The Door

If a biomechanical breakthrough creates sentient machines, that could lead to some immediate moral quandaries for humans — and could push the debate about robot rights to the front burner.

Obama May Not Need To Repeat 2008 Support From White Voters To Win

President Obama did better with white voters four years ago than most Democratic presidential candidates in recent decades. Polls show he won't repeat that success. But the growth in nonwhite voters the past four years means he has a way to overcome the loss.

Gay Marriage On Ballot In Four States; Obama Endorses Measures

Each of the 30 states to consider constitutional amendments that would outlaw such unions has adopted the ban. That may change on Election Day, when voters in Maryland, Washington, Maine and Minnesota make their decision on whether to recognize gay marriage.

Romney: Obama's Policies Slowed The Recovery

After a week full of campaigning across several battleground states, Mitt Romney delivered an economic policy address in Ames, Iowa, on Friday.

Surfer Takayama Was An Innovator In Board Design

Melissa Block and Audie Cornish remember Donald Takayama, a dominant surfer in the '60s and '70s and a giant of surfboard shaping. He died Monday at the age of 68.