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Five Philly Priests Removed For Sex Abuse Allegations

The Archbishop of Philadelphia announced on Friday that five priests were unsuitable for ministry because of substantiated sexual abuse allegations — or other inappropriate conduct. Those named on Friday were among some two dozen suspended last year, pending the Archbishop's investigation into abuse accusations.

Hazing Hard To Prosecute In Fla. Despite Tough Laws

The culture of hazing is back in the national spotlight after charges were filed against 13 people in connection with the hazing death of a Florida A&M University student. Florida has one of the toughest anti-hazing laws in the country, but legal experts say prosecuting the crime is tricky.

U.S. Supports Chinese Activist's Bid To Study Abroad

News of a possible way out of the diplomatic impasse over Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has again overshadowed other events in Beijing. The Chinese Foreign ministry says Chen might be allowed to leave China to study abroad. Meanwhile about 200 U.S. officials from the State Department and the U.S. Treasury are in China to discuss other matters vital to the U.S.-China relationship.

Chocolate Maker Brings Joy Out Of The Basement

A hobby turned into an obsession caused Ben Rasmussen to turn his basement into a chocolate factory. See how Rasmussen rebuilds and re-purposes household items to create his award-winning confection.

'Dejected': Some Unemployed Give Up The Hunt

Unemployment slipped to 8.1 percent last month, in part because fewer job seekers were applying for positions. "I've been feeling very dejected and depressed," says one woman who has stopped looking for work. The share of adults working or seeking jobs is down to the lowest level since the 1981 recession.

Surprising No One, Obama, Romney Don't Agree On Meaning Of April Jobs Stats

One cynical economist said the worst thing about the jobs report was "It provides just enough inane talking points for both sides of politics. That could probably be said for most first Fridays of the month during a general-election year when Democrats and Republicans try to extract any competitive advantage they can from the latest employment report from the U.S. Labor Department.

Have You Friended Your Favorite Cause?

What Facebook did for organ donation this week underscores the power of social media in promoting a cause. No doubt social media can help charities make a quick splash, but more nonprofits are looking to harness its potential in a longer-lasting way.

It's All Politics, May 3, 2012

With Washington abuzz over the president's trip to Afghanistan, this week's podcast focuses on stuff outside the Beltway: Sen. Dick Lugar's tough Republican primary contest in Indiana, and Wisconsin Democrats' selection of a candidate to take on GOP Gov. Scott Walker in the June recall election.

'Falling Bear,' We Hardly Knew You; Famous Bruin Killed On Highway

It was just a week ago that he dropped into our lives. A photo of the bear falling from a tree in Colorado went viral. But Thursday, he was struck by two cars.