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U.S., Russia Accused Of Arming Opposite Syrian Sides

The U.S. has claimed that Russia is sending attack helicopters to the Syrian government, but Russian officials dismiss the allegation. Meanwhile, there are reports of a big surge in clandestine arms shipments to the Syrian rebels.

Water War Continues In Iowa After Flooding Recedes

It's been a year since massive flooding along the Missouri River damaged Iowa cities. Those that live along the river are still cleaning up and say they want an economic impact study to put into perspective just how much they've lost. Meanwhile, environmentalists say the river has been over-industrialized and put it on a list of top five endangered rivers in the U.S. They're calling on Congress to fully fund a recovery program.

Colo. Fire Now One Of The Biggest In State History

Colorado's High Park Fire northwest of Fort Collins has topped 46,000 acres, making it one of the largest wildfires in the state's history. It's also destroyed more than 100 buildings. But firefighters are beginning to gain ground and have started containing the blaze.

'Times-Picayune' Paper Slashes Staff By 200 People

The New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper, known for its Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina, announced this week that nearly half of the newsroom staff would be laid off. Melissa Block speaks with Times-Picayune reporter Mark Schleifstein, who has been on staff at the paper for 28 years.

Jury To Deliberate In Gupta Insider Trading Case

Jurors in the insider trading case of Rajat Gupta heard closing arguments on Wednesday. Gupta is the former head of McKinsey and Company, and a close associate of Raj Rajaratnam, the hedge fund manager who was convicted of insider trading last year.

JPMorgan CEO: $2 Billion Loss Was Indefensible

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was on Capitol Hill Wednesday to answer questions about the surprise $2 billion trading loss the bank announced in May.

Romney, Obama: When Wooing Female Voters, Check Marital Status First

Will unmarried women, representing about a quarter of the nation's eligible voters, retain their ballot-box ardor for President Obama? And will their married counterparts give Republican Mitt Romney more electoral love than they gave John McCain in 2008? The answers could decide the election.

Fla. Gov. Rick Scott Defends Efforts To Clear Noncitizens From Voter Rolls

Democratic critics say Florida's Republican governor is purging eligible voters to give his party an Election Day advantage. Scott denies the accusation in an interview with NPR's Michel Martin on Tell Me More. "Not one U.S. citizen has been eliminated from the voter rolls," he says. "Not one."