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L.A. Mayoral Race Made History For High Spending, Low Turnout

Los Angeles has elected a new mayor — Eric Garcetti is a longtime city council member and the son of the district attorney who prosecuted O.J. Simpson. He was elected Tuesday by a record-low voter turnout. Both Garcetti and his opponent, Wendy Gruel, had trouble getting the electorate excited.

FBI Shoots And Kills Man Tied To Boston Bombing Suspect

An FBI agent shot and killed a man in Florida overnight. The man, Ibragim Todashev, had known one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. Agents were apparently interviewing him in connection with the investigation when things turned violent.

Anthony Weiner Tries To Put Indiscretions Behind Him

Anthony Weiner, the New York congressman whose career ended after a series of raunchy tweets, has announced he is entering the mayoral race with an ad on YouTube.

Identities Of 24 Victims In Okla. Tornado Emerge

Oklahomans who were hit by a massive tornado on Monday are trying to rebuild and recover.

Two Years Later, Joplin Mayor Reflects On Impact Of Tornado

Two years ago, a massive tornado hit the city of Joplin, Mo., and claimed the lives of more than 160 people. Melissa Block speaks with Mike Woolston, who was mayor of Joplin at the time, about how the city has recovered, and what guidance he has for Moore, Okla., on moving forward from a devastating natural disaster.

IRS Witness Turns Down Questions At Congressional Hearing

Lois Lerner was the first IRS official to explain how conservative groups' applications for tax-exempt status were flagged for extra scrutiny. On Wednesday, she cited her constitutional right not to incriminate herself and declined to answer questions from a House committee.