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Maine Independent Angus King To Caucus With Senate Democrats

Sen.-elect Angus King of Maine, who cruised to victory last week running as an independent, said Wednesday that he will caucus with Senate Democrats, giving them in effect a 55-45 seat advantage next year.

The Petraeus Affair: From First Meeting To Full-Blown Scandal

New details are emerging about how David Petraeus' extramarital affair developed, and when officials — from law enforcement to the White House — first found out about it.

What's The Punishment For Adultery These Days?

A scarlet letter is no longer required, but there are sanctions. For some public figures, it can end a career. For others, it's just a bump in the road that quickly passes.

Obama's Political Moneyball Could Be The Shape Of Campaigns To Come

The Obama re-election campaign was informed by its deep dive into data on millions of voters. Some Republicans worry they're way behind in modern campaigning; others note that political science isn't rocket science, and say they can do just as well or better in 2016.

Pressure Building To Turn Lights On In New York

It's been more than two weeks since superstorm Sandy battered the East Coast and thousands are still without power and heat. Host Michel Martin checks in with New York Times reporter Michael Wilson about how New York City public housing residents are faring.

Raise A Toast To Building Better Beer Bubbles Through Chemistry

Spanish scientists have identified the specific gene in yeast that's responsible for the foamy head on your glass beer. And that discovery could lead to what we've all been wishing for — more long-lasting foam on top of our ales of the future.

Should Petraeus Scandal Be A Big Topic At Obama's News Conference Today?

A week ago, the affair that led to the CIA director's resignation wasn't a story. Now, it's almost surely to be a subject at the president's first post-election news conference. Should it be?

Panetta: Don't Leap To Conclusions About Gen. Allen

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan has been caught up in the scandal surrounding former CIA Director David Petraeus. But the Pentagon chief cautioned today that Allen may not have done anything inappropriate.

Police Pick Up Car Thief Turned Delivery Man

A driver delivering for a Chinese restaurant left his car running while he ran in an order. He comes back and his car is gone. He called his boss who called the next customer on the route to apologize --- but they had their take out. The car thief made a few extra bucks. But at the next house, the cops were waiting.