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Overshadowed By Moore, Carney, Okla. Recovers From Twister

Moore, Okla., has gotten the lion's share of resources and attention following last week's tornado. A tornado hit Carney, Okla., last week too. No one died in Carney, but three dozen homes were damaged or destroyed — a big blow to a tiny town.

Post Sandy: Jersey Shore Celebrates Memorial Day Holiday

As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has repeatedly promised, most of the beaches and boardwalks are open for tourists. But that's not to say that all is back to normal. Many towns and homeowners are still in the throws of rebuilding, and some are just beginning the demolition phase.

For Many, Affordable Care Act Won't Cover Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery has a good track record in combating the health risks of obesity. But new health exchanges in Mississippi and other Southern states won't pay for it, even though those states have some of the nation's highest rates of obesity.

Twinkies' Return Is Mostly Sweet News For Kansas Town

Emporia, Kan., was hit pretty hard when the Hostess snack cake plant shut down last year. The company that bought Hostess' business is going to fire its ovens back up, but there will be half as many jobs and they will be nonunion. Still, the news sparked an ecstatic response in this beleaguered town.

Apple-1 Computer Fetches $671,000 At Auction

Electrical engineer Fred Hatfield was one of the first to purchase an Apple-1 in 1976, one of Apple's first computers. His relationship with that computer was an interesting one, and involves one bold interaction with Steve Jobs himself.

Obama Tours A Battered Oklahoma

President Obama was in Moore, Okla. Sunday, surveying the damage wrought by the deadly tornado that stuck last week. He promised the federal government will be there to help during the lengthy rebuilding process.

'Part Of The Community': Latinos Rebuild After Okla. Tornado

The heart of Tornado Alley is home to one of the fastest-growing Latino populations in the country. After last week's devastating twister, the community faces some unique challenges — including protecting vital documents and overcoming the fear of asking for help.