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Undocumented Youth Line Up For A Chance To Stay

Massive crowds of young people showed up in cities across the country Wednesday. Some undocumented immigrants can now apply for temporary legal status. In Chicago, overwhelmed organizers turned away potential applicants. Guest host Jacki Lyden talks with the Chicago Tribune's Antonio Olivo and 23 year-old undocumented immigrant, Evelyn Rivera.

Family Research Council Attacker Faces Weapons, Assault Charges

Law enforcement sources say the gunman spoke about the conservative group's policies before firing his weapon. A security guard was wounded, but was still able to help subdue and disarm the attacker.

Focusing On Fish In Knoxville, Tenn.

Conservation Fisheries helps save small, rare freshwater fish, such as chubs, darters, madtoms and minnows.

Cancer Claims The Life Of 120-Year-Old Woman

Rebecca Lanier was known to many as the world's oldest person. Her family said she was born in Mississippi in 1892, the child of former slaves. She never officially held the title since didn't have a birth certificate. Lanier passed away on Monday.

Texas Takes Action To Curb West Nile Virus Outbreak

West Nile virus has hit Dallas County, Texas, hard this year. Officials there have declared a state of emergency against the mosquito-borne illness. For the first time in decades, they plan to begin aerial spraying to control the mosquito population.

Persuading Banks To Give Homeowners A Break

Over the past four years, Bruce Marks has been on a traveling road show to help people avoid foreclosure. He says his nonprofit, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, has helped more than 200,000 people get their payments lowered so they can afford to keep their homes.

Ryan's District Gains Despite His Positions

Mitt Romney's running mate has staked out a reputation as a fiscal conservative, opposing the economic stimulus as well as earmarks. But when it comes to helping out his district in southern Wisconsin, Rep. Paul Ryan's principles have been flexible.