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Stranded In Hawaii By Sandy, Travelers Wait

Hurricane Sandy disrupted flights all across the United States; even people far from the storm discovered that planes could not get to their airports. And of all the people affected, the saddest were surely 1,300 people from the East Coast stuck in Honolulu.

For Famously Impatient New Yorkers, Lots Of Waiting

New Yorkers are an impatient bunch. But Tuesday night in the neighborhoods without electricity, all people could do was wait.

N.J. Transit Agency Discusses Service Shutdown

Steve Inskeep speaks with New Jersey Transit spokesman John Durso about the mass transit agency's shutdown of service due to Hurricane Sandy.

New York's Breezy Point Endures Fire And Flood

Residents of one community in the New York City borough of Queens endured both fire and flood when Sandy hit their barrier island. Two people died in the high water, and at least 80 houses are believed to have burned.

Subway Is Closed, But New Yorkers Are Moving Again

In New York City, early estimates for fixing the damage to the mass transit system are already in the billions. But New Yorkers used to zipping around the city in subways are thrilled to get even limited bus service back after the devastating storm.

Millions Affected By Sandy-Related Power Outages

From Virginia to Michigan, utility crews are scrambling to restore power after Superstorm Sandy caused record outages. More than 8 million customers lost power. Renee Montagne speaks with NPR's Elizabeth Shogren for an update on the outages.