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Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey Says No Thanks To Free Burgers

The man who helped rescue three young women and a little girl from a home where they had apparently been held captive for years wants any help to go to the victims, not him, Ramsey's attorney says.

Moms Are Now Primary Breadwinners In 40 Percent Of Homes

The share of households where a mother is the sole or primary source of income is at a record high. A new Pew Research Center survey of public opinion finds that many Americans remain worried about that trend.

Tea Party Favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann Leaving Congress

The congresswoman says she won't be seeking a fifth term. She does not rule out getting back into politics in the future. In 2012 she made a bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Her fortunes quickly rose and fell.

Redistricting Issue Heats Up In Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry called state lawmakers into a special session to deal with district maps used in the 2012 elections. A federal court had ordered new maps to better represent the growing Hispanic population.

Senators Tussle Over Proposal To 'Unpack' Key D.C. Court

GOP Sen. Charles Grassley has floated legislation that would cut three seats from the important D.C. Circuit appeals court — just as President Obama prepares to announce his nominees for those jobs. The court is now evenly balanced with four appointees each from Republican and Democratic presidents.

Once A Boon For Investors, House Flipping Is Back

Popular during the housing boom, flipping houses is when investors buy a house, fix it up and then resell it within six months. With an improving economy, investors are at it again. In parts of California, it's happening at some of the fastest rates in a decade.

Immigration Measure Faces Test In Senate, Rival Bill In House

The immigration overhaul proposed by a bipartisan group of senators has been passed out of committee and will soon be brought before the Democratic-led Senate. Less clear, though, is where the issue is headed in the GOP-controlled House, where another bipartisan group is at work on its own bill.

Natural Gas Export Plan Unites Oregon Landowners Against It

The natural gas industry wants to export more of its commodity, but first it has to build infrastructure. In Oregon, companies want to build a 230-mile pipeline and an export terminal on the coast. Some welcome the new jobs, but others worry about environmental consequences.