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Moving Buildings To Save D.C.'s Historic Foundation

A few months ago, six old brick buildings in the nation's capital were picked up and moved. Literally. Five of them will return as parts of a sleek new office building, re-creating the old streetscape while also transforming it. The massive project raises a question: What's important to keep in a city, and what should just be replaced?

Homeless Rural Vets Find A Place To Call Home

Some rural homeless veterans in a small New England town are getting a place to call their own, permanently. The local American Legion hatched an idea 10 years ago for a project that would create something other than transitional housing so male and female veterans could feel as if they truly are a part of the community.

Intriguing Opportunity, But Some Risk For Romney In Speech To NAACP

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's speech Wednesday at the NAACP convention in Houston comes at a precarious time for the nation's African-American community. The environment raises some opportunities for Romney as he challenges the nation's first black president.

Parts Of W.Va. Still In The Dark 12 Days After Storm

It's 12 days and counting for thousands of people in West Virginia who are still waiting for their electricity to be restored after a storm blitzed across the eastern U.S. The summer power outages have been particularly difficult for those that have electric water pumps.

Struggling Michigan City Privatizes Public Schools

The emergency manager in Muskegon Heights, Mich., announced on Monday that he's turning over the entire school district to a for-profit charter operator. Like many struggling districts in the state, Muskegon Heights is low-performing and deeply in debt. Unlike the others, though, the elected school board voted for the emergency manager. Now, will they and the public support privatizing the public schools?