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'Itch' For Baseball Returns After Year In The Minors

In the spring, Reid Gorecki, 31, said he might retire from baseball and become a firefighter. But as the minor league season winds down, he says he "got the itch back" to play pro ball after he hit his first home run of this season. Now he says he's ready to play another year.

Military Vote Seen As A Key To Capturing Virginia

Both presidential campaigns are focusing on just a few swing states, and the relatively few undecided voters remaining. One of those states is Virginia, where a key swing constituency is military veterans.

Voter Purges Under Review Ahead Of Election Day

As some states try to weed noncitizens from their voter registration rolls, there have been a few catches, and many mistakes. Advocacy groups worry that some of these people will be challenged at the polls or discouraged from voting on Election Day.

Mitt Romney Tells Univision Audience His Campaign Is About 'The 100 Percent'

The GOP presidential nominee was asked about his remarks about the "47 percent" of voters who support Obama. His answer showed that his approach to the issue continues to evolve. Romney also articulated his position on the economy and immigration.

In Univision Forum, Romney Reaches Out To Latinos

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney took part in a forum on the Spanish-language television network Thursday night in Miami. He's also hosting a rally for Latino supporters in Miami. NPR's Scott Horsley tells Audie Cornish about the night.

Justice Department Watchdog Blasts 'Fast And Furious' Operation

Rather than faulting Attorney General Eric Holder, the inspector general's report on the botched gun-trafficking operation places some blame on his chief of staff and a deputy.

Held Dear In U.S., Free Speech Perplexing Abroad

Protesters in the Middle East and North Africa have demanded an apology from the U.S. government over a video that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad. While even highly offensive speech is protected by U.S. law, that level of protection is quite unique, even among many Western countries.