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Lake Lures Fishermen ... And Drug Traffickers

Falcon Lake, on the U.S.-Mexico border, has been named the best bass fishing lake in the country. But a Mexican drug cartel also uses the lake to smuggle drugs. While that hasn't kept the anglers away, it does mean fishing there carries an element of risk.

Romney Tries To Turn The Outsourcing Table On Obama

If you're Mitt Romney, how do you defend against the "outsourcing" attacks by President Obama's campaign? You accuse the president of being the true outsourcer of U.S. jobs.

Stockton Clearing Path For City's Bankruptcy

Tuesday night the city council in Stockton, Calif., is expected to clear they way for the city to declare bankruptcy. It will be the largest municipal bankruptcy ever for a city that is a poster child for the housing crisis.

Sinking Under A $10,000 Monthly Mortgage Payment

A growing number of those seeking help from mortgage counselors are high-income owners of million-dollar homes in wealthy communities like Laguna Beach, Calif., and Westchester County, N.Y. But large home loans can be more difficult to modify than more modest ones.

Blog Sees Success In Supreme Court Focus

Dozens of news outlets will be covering the Supreme Court on Thursday, when it is expected to issue a decision on the health care case. ScotusBlog will likely be first in publishing the essence of the decision. All Things Considered host Melissa Block speaks with ScotusBlog's founder, lawyer Tom Goldstein, about how the site gets Supreme Court news and gets it out.

Board Reinstates University Of Virginia's President

Host Melissa Block talks with NPR's Claudio Sanchez about Tuesday's unanimous vote to reinstate University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan. The university campus has been in an uproar since members of the university's board of visitors forced Sullivan out in a behind-the-scenes maneuver. Virginia's governor ordered the board to hold a formal vote on whether Sullivan should stay.