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4 Big Players Emerge In Military Sexual Assault Debate

A dramatic faceoff on Capitol Hill, involving two generals and two female senators, appeared to only deepen the chasm between the four-star brass and those who want significant change in a system that has failed victims for decades.

Single Black Man Seeks LTR. Single Black Woman? Not So Much

A new poll of African-Americans found one bit of data that raised some eyebrows: Single black men were much more interested in long-term relationships than single black women.

Obama's D.C. Court Nominations Heat Up Battle With Senate

The president announced Tuesday his picks for three vacant spots on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, considered the second most important court in the nation. Getting nominees through the Senate has been a struggle, and by announcing three at once, the president is putting pressure on Republicans.

Ohio State President Will Retire In Wake Of Latest Gaffes

After his remarks on Catholics, other schools, rival athletic conferences and coaches created a furor, Ohio State University president Gordon Gee says he will retire on July 1. Gee, 69, has apologized for the remarks, which were reportedly intended as jokes.

Hearing Gives Groups Targeted By IRS Their Say

The House Appropriations Committee hears from groups that were chosen for additional scrutiny by the IRS based on their conservative-sounding names. That revelation has set off a round of investigations into the agency and their conduct. NPR's Tamara Keith reports.

Maternity Coverage Sought For Young Women On Parent's Plan

Many young women don't get maternity coverage if they're on a parent's health plan. A sex discrimination claim aims to get them coverage for childbirth care under provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Former Rep. 'Duke' Cunningham Freed After Bribery Sentence

The bribery scheme that former Rep. "Duke" Cunningham was convicted for was an elaborate one, with perks that famously included a yacht named the Duke-Stir. He served more than seven years in prison, after spending eight terms in Congress.

Special Election To Replace Sen. Lautenberg Set For Oct. 16

Lautenberg, a Democrat, died on Monday. New Jersey's Republican governor says his state's voters should determine who will be the senator's successor. Christie will only name someone to serve in the interim.

Room Upgrades, Videos & A 'Star Trek' Parody: Read IRS Audit

An inspector general's report takes aim at how the IRS spent its money at a 2010 conference. It concludes the agency could have spent less than the $4.1 million it expended.