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After Earthquake, Washington Monument Still Closed

The Washington Monument was seriously damaged by an earthquake last summer that left hunks of stone lying around the base of obelisk. Months later, National Park Service officials are finalizing a plan for repairs, but the structure will remain closed for at least another year.

Upset Men And The Happy Women Who Love Them

Women get satisfaction out of conflict in relationships, while men like it better when their mate seems happy. But both sexes benefit from empathizing with the other's feelings, be they good or bad.

Varied Takes On The Power Of The Word 'Slut'

Syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown student a "prostitute" and a "slut" after she testified before a Senate committee and called for federal health care coverage to include the cost of contraception. Limbaugh apologized, but it has prompted a re-examination of the term, "slut."

George Washington McNugget Sells On eBay

Rebekah Speight spotted the familiar profile on a McNugget left on her child's plate. After stashing it in the freezer for three years, she auctioned it off on eBay. Her church's summer camp will benefit from the winning $8,000 bid.

Super Tuesday: 4 Things To Watch

In a race where the first candidate to reach 1,144 delegates wins the GOP nomination, Mitt Romney starts the day with the wind at his back. With 437 delegates up for grabs in 10 states, Super Tuesday voting could reshape the race.

Navy To Expand Breathalyzer Tests

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus says he wants personnel to adapt to the 21 century. He announced the Navy will give sailors breathalyzer tests and drug tests before they report to duty on a ship. The Marines will adapt a similar program next month.

First Responders Trained In Animal Rescues

First responders never know what they'll find when they get called to an accident site. Sometimes crews have to rescue dairy cows from collapsed barns, evacuate horses during wildfires or move pigs off the highway after an accident. These first responders often don't have the proper training to handle large animals.