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Opponents Of Secondary Provisions In Health Care Law Look To Lower Courts

When the Supreme Court upheld the central tenet of President Obama's health care law, it meant that lower-court fights over contraceptive coverage and other parts of the sweeping legislation can move forward.

Ironies Abound In New Romney Ad

The commercial uses the Washington Post and Hillary Clinton circa 2008 to attack President Obama and his campaign for dishonesty. They're not exactly the usual suspects in Republican ads.

Tea Party Sees Ruling As New Rallying Cry

Tea Party activists say the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act will inspire passion in many conservative circles ahead of the November presidential election.

Wild Mustangs Give Patrol Horsepower On The Border

The Border Patrol recently began training wild mustangs to help out along the border in southern Arizona. Horse patrols are nothing new; they allow agents to get into remote areas no vehicle can reach. But it turns out the mustangs are exceptionally well-suited for the harsh landscape.

Juvenile Sentencing Ruling May Affect Michigan Case

This week, the Supreme Court struck down mandatory sentences of life without parole for juveniles. Youth Radio's Sayre Quevedo looks at one case in Michigan that may be affected by the court's decision.

Obama Visits Colorado In Wake Of Fires

President Obama visited Colorado Springs on Friday to survey the damage caused by the Waldo Canyon fire, which burned more than 300 homes.