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Overrun By Otters, Illinois Reinstates Trapping Season

More than 15,000 otters in Illinois are pilfering fish from fishermen and disrupting the local ecosystem. To deal with it, the state is allowing an otter trapping season for the first time in 87 years, starting this month. Bob Bluett, a biologist from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, joins Steve Inskeep to talk about the otter inundation.

Supreme Court To Look At Who Is A 'Supervisor' In Harassment Cases

The court's answer to that question could significantly restrict employer liability in racial and sexual harassment cases, or, in the view of some business organizations, it could result in frivolous litigation.

'Giving Tuesday': The Start Of A Holiday Tradition?

A coalition of more than 1,400 charities is launching Giving Tuesday to jump-start end-of-year giving. They're taking off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to motivate donors at a time when the outlook for giving remains lackluster.

Disaster Donations Surge, But What About Tomorrow?

In a period of just nine days following Superstorm Sandy, $740 million was donated for relief efforts. It was an unprecedented level of giving. But in past disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the money dried up after the early donations. The key may be planning for the long haul.