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What Is A Good Unemployment Number, Really?

On Friday, new unemployment numbers will be released for December. In last month's report, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.7 percent, a four-year low. For a preview of the labor market prospects for the new year, Steve Inskeep talks to Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Global Insight, an international consulting firm.

Superstorm Sandy Brings One Family Closer

The Hardy family goes back generations in a tiny neighborhood called Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn. For them, Superstorm Sandy has created an extended family reunion. Not only is their small, barely livable home bursting with family members — the storm brought an emotional change, as well.

After Upset Win, House Freshman Looks To Make A Name For Himself

California Democrat Eric Swalwell, one of the youngest new members of Congress, defeated a 40-year incumbent for his seat. But his first challenge in Washington might be getting people to pronounce his name correctly.

On Ray Lewis' Retirement, Some Media Fail To Mention 2000 Murder Case

Star NFL linebacker Ray Lewis announced that he will retire when his team's season ends, prompting many reports about his career and legacy — and little mention of Lewis' role in a murder case in 2000.

Game, Set And Match: U.S. Tennis Tournaments Move Abroad

At its height, American tennis consistently fielded the world's top male players. Now that American dominance is gone, so too are many of the top U.S. men's tournaments. They're moving overseas, snapped up by groups offering more lucrative payouts in a sport enjoying huge global appeal.

Clinton Discharged From Hospital After Blood Clot Treatment

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been discharged from New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she was admitted Sunday for treatment of a blood clot that followed a concussion she suffered after fainting.

UPDATE: With A Swish Of His Autopen, Obama Signs Fiscal Cliff Bill

With the president in Hawaii and the bill back in Washington, D.C., a machine did the signing. That's been done before, and was declared to be legal by President George W. Bush's lawyers.

With New Congress, GOP Could Ditch Boehner As Speaker

Audie Cornish talks to Manu Raju, congressional correspondent for Politico, about John Boehner's leadership as House Speaker since first taking the position back in November 2010, and more recently with the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Fiscal Cliff Deal Includes Breaks For Tuna Canneries, Rum Makers

The bill that Congress passed late Tuesday includes many provisions that have nothing to do with the so-called "fiscal cliff." Ari Shapiro talks to Audie Cornish about how tax breaks for tuna canneries and ceiling fans ended up in the deal.